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Visual Restrictions of the Human Brain Giving out Speed

Visual confines of the human brain and the visual dealing out time is quite evident. This why animals have concealment skin, humans get headaches at trade shows and why video or game players will be the fighter pilots of the future.

Will Clones Run the World?

In the US it appears that we have certain that "life is not for sale" and that the cloning argue is over and our scientists are forbidden by law from attempting to clone humans. In other countries they are presently annoying and will most expected go on to try until they get it right.

The Fall and Fall of the p-Zine


A Tuned Bio-Field and a New Classification of Consciousness: Part 1

I hardly ever hear about the role of the Heart or the power of Love as applicable determinants of human fitness or spirituality. This was especially highlighted at a current energy psychology association in which a crucial presentation on the topic of Enlightenment seemed to focus more or less exclusively on achieving distorted states of consciousness.

A Tuned Bio-Field and a New Characterization of Consciousness: Part 2

Love, pure Love, is the ambiance one has when they are appreciating the deep beauty of amazing in their life i.e.

NASA Financial statement VS Communal Programs

Balancing our quest for Space and its costs with the need of the associates of our culture is at all times at the top of the argument at some stage in NASA Account hearings in the House and Senate. Some say that they think our core planetary goal must be to inhabit everyplace other than earth.

Planet Hugging

Tree hugging is a thing of the past. It is not just about the trees anymore.

We Have Come Along Way in Our Exploitation of Transportation

We sure have come along way since the horse and buggy or the first Model T that left the congregation line. We have attempted to build unbelievable haulage items and prototypes for instance; the Next of kin Goose, jet powered bullet trains, under water self-directed vehicles and those X-Planes.

Electric Power Assembly From Captivating Tapes

ATHENS - GREECE, -- An creature character called Basil Dimitropoulos, who is a arrange Electrical Persuade with interest in Captivating Demo Applications, has long announced that he urbanized a assignment that concerns Exciting Power Construction From Captivating Tapes. This electromotive coordination affects absolutely the Inclusive Home Appliances Activity and Moving Industry, follow-on in portable and cell phone power food for Household Campaign and Emotional Vehicles.

Travertine Information

Travertine is a compressed form of mineral that forms in rivers and hot springs. Water, in particular river water, has a lot of mineral deposits in it.

Medical Miracle or Mistake?

Fundamental fundamentals of life and the aspects of cloning bring dramatic development to the logical and checkup community; however, is this fast-paced false reproduction an imposition of Character or a entry to infinite, health check cures?In lieu of logical developments in the biological mainstream, the human intrusion of life and it's biological state are of extreme concern. Questions are being raised as to what constitutes life created as you would expect into this world as different to man-made biocreationism.

Using High Height Blimp Cell Phone Communication

By allowing high height above sea level Satellite Type Balloons or Blimps with Cell Phone type data lines we could have a tremendous consequential back-up for communication. Also we could use this high height blimp to send out frequencies good for health, such as the Earth's frequency of 7.

Enemy UAV Excuse is under consideration

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles must be shot down from the air instead than the bring down as if they are flown tele-robotically the hand who is looking down and ahead will not know where the anti-aircraft apparatus is. If the enemy uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to draw fire, which is a smart move for them, then once fired upon the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle whether it is shot down or not has now located our guns and troops.

Space Probes Speed Up

Recently scientists were amazed that the space probes now goodbye our solar classification rapidly on track to speed up? They must not be amazed for the reason that the gravity from the sun pulls in bits and pieces from about our solar coordination and then compacts it. Just like our air is more concentrated faster in.

Cloaking the Postage Stamp Current Aircraft Carrier

By using a exclusive glaze on the deck of an aircraft carter and a projector on the top of the tallest contacts mast facing down, we could endeavor the image of the ocean onto the deck like a giant IMAX theatre screen. While this sounds like a discouraging task, it isn't really.

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