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Down Scrolling Text to Find Patterns

I have faith in a code can be in black and white to scan text such as an email, story or condition in Western Languages, which might be a symptom of a archetype which maybe of beneficial insight. By Down Scrolling Text, which we have all done, whether idea about it or not, we will most apt Find Patterns Which Be a sign of Hostile Intentions, sadness, stress or vengefulness.

Organic Decoy Diplomacy for Contest (ODDW)

We can genetically amend a rat to be the same body fever as a humans, then parachute in more than a few thousand rats into enemy territory. These rats will pick up the enemies cutting edge admonition and infringement sensors by way of heat signature.

Military Line Fake Tubes for Safe Travel

There appears to be a way to charge the protection of an total band of logistical vehicles on a long highway, with no close air aid and finally disinterested from satellite announcement or AWACS Surveillance. Let me defend this concept.

Building a Lone Unit CO2 Laser Grid

When using a CO2 Laser to shoot down an incoming projectile, which enters a security zone, it will be crucial to hold the laser on the aim at for about 5 seconds or more. To do this we must be able to shoot the laser in a grid, for that reason if the bullet or aircraft or guided missile or even a UAV takes ambiguous achievement such as a high- speed high "G" 90 gradation turn you can still catalog a kill on the target.

Weather Be in charge of and Conception to Use as a Barrier for Troop Advancement

Creating a Cyclone using a Space based laser array to heat up ascend waters when circumstances are right. By using a hot storm approach and super heating the water in the path and then in a argue against clock wise administration if in the Northern Hemisphere or Clock-wise if in the Southern Hemisphere because;"A storm is an immense circulating storm, an intense case of a class of climate systems called humid cyclones.

Shamans and Their Accepted Abilities

Many Shamans will go into a sweat house to get their premonitions, here is a make shift sweat house used by such native Indians;http://www.nativeradio.

How to Build a Mechanical Bullet Which Turns

A Mechanical bullet, which will turn in escape is well contained by our mechanical capabilities. The premise is to have a bullet, which is specific to turn a back into a corner can be achieved thru a small gear location on the bullet or a specific fiddle with on the barrel or in the chamber which can be dialed in prior to discharge.

Laser Attack, EA, Scalar Act of violence on Composite Manufactured Vehicles

More and more forthcoming fighting vehicles introduced at the Martial Trade Shows in Pakistan, China, Israel seem to control composite background as central apparatus to save weight. This composite cloth is frivolous and has many return to the high cost of exotic alloy.

Tunneling Concepts for Far ahead Warfare

I advise delve into be done to make unmanned tunneling equipment to help in warfare. Today more than ever we see the harms with urban warfare.

Lighter Than Air Tubular Flight

I aim a lighter than air tubular unmanned mini blimp be designed. Such a craft would have many great applications.

A Call for a Worldwide Battle on Water Conservation

If we are to tackle the challenges of forthcoming populations on the planet, we will need to cover ample water supply. Our US populace is growing, by one anyone every nine seconds and with this development the eating of fresh water increases.

Bees Wax; Account and Origin

We have often been asked where wax comes from? Well there are many types of Waxes. Bees wax has been about for a while.

What are the Main Solar Projects?

Solar power will be compulsory for space exploration and off earth colonies on the moon and Mars in the next few decades and our advances here on Earth will assist us with the comprehension we need to power them up. Some may not accomplish but we have come a long way in our solar equipment in the last few decades and we are now ready to take this encounter and acquaintance to the next level; to build amazing out of this world.

Humans and Bees Go Back a Long Way

The antediluvian annals of of man and bees has been writen about for thousands of years. Expressly the human annals and the use of Bee's Wax is truly fascinating.

Making a Lightening Storm?

Here is a very basic conception idea/plan to crop energy from Lightening. It is done in an false chamber, simulating become rough in the atmosphere, but under exact and illicit circumstances; still in the incubation-thinking phase.

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