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Para Trooper Gliders With Angle of Act of violence Motor or Crank

Para Trooper Gliders were very admired in WW II, they were used by both the Axis and Aligned Forces. Some of these gliders were huge in size and the Germans had one which had took three bombers to get it off the argument along with two-four rockets used in take off.

MAVs, UAVs, and Insect Getaway Characteristics

MAVs and UAVs and Insect Escape Characteristics seem to have a lot in common. Millions of years of evolution in characteristics seem to have been one of the most manufacturing schools around.

UAV - Environment Subsequent Technologies

There are many technologies being used today such as ultrasonic sensors, which bestow non-contact for elucidation levels in liquid storage space tanks. Using this know-how the tanks can use non-corrosive methods to check catastrophe of parts.

MAV Force and Testing

Perhaps we must be looking into advancing the impetus systems of MAVs, small UAVs by using captivating force to spin the propellers. When tough a UAV by frustrating to fly it under the blind of trees or about sparingly populated tree areas or in cities with streets and housing we may find we have arduous issues.

Confusing MAV Optic Flow Sensors In getaway Using Mobiles

Using Shapes on Mobiles to bamboozle optic flow sensors in Micro Air Vehicles appears to be feasible. Today we are studying the escape paths of Bats, Insects even birds to build and fly mini UAVs; called Micro Air Vehicles or MAVs.

Surround Panoramic Night Ability to see is Possible

Modern night apparition tackle is state of the art for infantry and Exceptional Forces. After the most contemporary assault on the Intercontinental Terrorists and insurgents in Falluja, Iraq the United States Martial and the US Taught Iraqi Guarantee Military put to good use the methods of Urban Combat.

Micro Blimps Cleaning the Air in Buildings to Eliminate Anthrax spores

Presently mini-blimps are being deployed in command leadership buildings as antenna units to classify biological threats in the air. We accept as true this new knowledge being deployed in this way is a most first-rate use of such technology.

Free Energy from Space

Tesla was at all times looking for a way to collect electromagnetic energy and consign it to the world wireless, after appraisal a biography about Tesla; I had come up with this concept. Harvesting and Wireless conveyance of Electromagnetic Energy From Space.

Active Aerial Minefields

Is it likely to build an committed aerial minefield to defend our troops and in-country logistical bring in lines? The fulfil is doubtless yes. The Germans attempted to use hot air balloons with charges on them.

747 Onboard Laser Might Cause Confound and Identity

Remember when the Russians shot down a Korean Airlines 747 accidentally, which was 4 degrees off it's choice and flew over Russian Airspace. Migs shot it down with two missiles, one striking the tail and one drumming the left wing, each on board died.

Bio-Rhythm Disruption Frequency Identifier for Human Intentions

It appears we have found many identifiers for Bio-Metrics to associate people. In this new age of Worldwide Terrorism with bad guys demanding to get Pilot's Licenses, HazMat Driver's Licenses, get onto airlines, step onto buses and sneak over our boundaries we need a fool proof system.

Re-Designing the ICBM With The Hottest and Best Technology

We have in mind a Secrecy Aircraft or non-stealth composite aircraft to have a honey comb assembly with an outside shell or skin for the diffraction of incoming laser weaponry, which we deem based on the fallout of the THEL Anti-Missile Argument Approach success, will be what hope enemies will use to challenge to down our US Aircraft. Israel is advertising in rank and weapons to China, Pakistan and other nations.

Preventing Death in a Bio Threat

In the event of Bio hazard how to assemble Hospitals in case of biological emergencies ought to close but for cracked bones and accidents. As an alternative those who accept as true they have contracted a biological terrorist induced pathogen, virus or disease be supposed to be compulsory to stay at home.

Aluminum Oxide to Disrupt Laser Weapons

In a cynical move to eliminate consultation of an enemy, an attacking approach using a substance laser would be a good idea. In manufacturing we have lasers, which coat equipment so they can be collective or heat-treated in the claim process.

Human Motion, Walking, In a row and Gait for Identification

Identifying a human gait, on foot patterns, consecutively exists. Can such report be of value? Many think so.

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