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Composite Supplies in Ships, Pipelines, Liners and Aircraft

One coming problem, which has not adequately been addressed, is that of the fumes and smoke fashioned when composite background burns. Composite cloth is a truly great human achievement in cloth science, in spite of this as we use this bits and pieces in more and more chairs we need to be extremely aware of the risks and aptitude penalty of their use.

Ceramic Coatings Exclusive Artificial Water Bottles?

A new account claims Water in false bottles could pose a problem, and of classes why wouldn't it? This is a much debated topic indeed, so choose read.http://www.

Magnetic Forward motion for GI Joe?

Thought of the day. I talked to an old guy who gave me this idea, he sought to construct a attraction propelled anti-gravity and directional check craft.

Brain Waves Activating to the Tune of a Altered Drummer?

Well, here is a most exciting thought. There are many who have heart murmurs from birth and many with heart murmurs, which are not damaging from a healthiness standpoint.

Increasing Lightening Storm Intensity and Command Be in command of of Strikes

Using four UAVs in formation with one C-130 Hercules Aircraft or 747 with onboard laser:

Creating Fake Time in a Vacuum With Pulsed Lasers

Keying off a very appealing belief confined in Static Quantum Guess and looking for the edge of time or the end of energy or the Quantum Borderline or virtual occupant of nothing. One might use the idea of pulsed lasers produced in a definite confined area of a vacuum to build a spectacle of a pulsed laser, whose burning disruption pulses of the spectacle which would abide by would reach the end of the imprisonment area nearer than the light which would in fact be bent and then this peripatetic disruption would trigger an added pulsed laser give-and-take event on the far side of the imprisonment whose pulsed laser would send it's disruption of the event to occur to the first point of the first wonder of the first laser or early point, which would trigger the rotating off of the first laser ahead of it bent the event of wonder or light.

Sound From Transmission Power Lines Be supposed to Never Be Wasted

High Tension Power lines and transmission line towers make noise, we have all heard this. But Sound can be a cause of energy in that it can be harvested to make steam in my humble opinion.

Preventing Flooding on Creature Farmers Fields to Save Crops

I advise permits be given to farmers to they can set up along the edge of their fields a microwave array to burn a hole in the clouds when critical come through threatens their crops. I would have in mind that this belief be absolutely privately funded and be done in conjunction with the FAA.

Should We Allow The Genetic Modification of Insects?

Some scientists argue over creation, able aim and evolution. Others argue did man conceive god or did god build man.

Remote Check Bacteria; We Can Not Allow That.

Remote Be in charge of Bacteria. Why not, we have cold be in charge of everything.

Electromagnetism, The Universe, And You

An emotional in progress produces a attractive field. This is the code of the emotional motor - changeable stimulating currents heartrending along wires make magnets with drive shafts spin about in circles.

Natural Gas Cost Increases; Want to know more?

A Thorn in the Side for American Big business and Clients - Artless Gas Shortages and Cost IssuesNatural Gas Issues and costs are tough on Americans and American Business. There have been many incentives for businesses and industries to use Biological Gas to assist in clean burning fuel.

Drought Worsened in Some States in 2004; 2005 will be very telling

The dearth of the West appears to be the worst in over 500 years. This is what the scientists at the U.

Electromagnetic Energy in Space

Tesla was continually looking for a way to garner electromagnetic energy and cede it to the world wireless, after comprehension a biography about Tesla, I had come up with this concept.Why not put a satellite that counteract rotates the Earth and is located at the poles.

Super Volcano: Can The Adversity Be Prevented?

It maybe likely to apply a rogue wave concept and some arithmetic formulas of fluid dynamics to the challenge of superplumes (theory) of volcanic doings to get them to erupt exterior areas of high populations. This would be done by triggering procedures into the liquid magma below the surface.

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