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Aerospace Aim Thoughts, The Bionic Man, and The Hope of Design

Not all aircraft have wings, for demand NASA's Steve Austin Bionic Man progression style lifting bodies. Inauguration to this brain wave course can be provided by a quick view of this site;http://www.

Aerodynamics of a Airborne Disk or Hasty Sphere

Aerodynamics of a airborne sphere. It has been said that in the expectations we maybe fleeting about anti-gravity type spheres, but this does not mean it will not have to deal with next of kin wind in our own atmosphere.

DNA Profiling: Its Uses In Court

DNA Profiling and Its Uses in CourtStronger confirmation in courtrooms-it's what every attorney, defendant, and applicant dreams of. Commencement in the last 1980s, this is closely what began to ascend all through DNA profiling.

The Quantum Conjecture of Holy Languages

The quantum guess of holy languages (QTHL) encompasses the three most influential fields of knowledge: skill kabbalah, quantum physics and mathematic. Applications of this assumption in complementary medicine by use obtainable human come across has many concrete statements.

The Best and Worst of April's Weather

If Johannes Kepler, the established 17th century astronomer and pioneer of the planetary laws of motion, could speak from the heavenlies, he might have a few words of wisdom to share with the Citizen Climate Service. Even if Kepler's name is not as a rule allied with meteorology, he was quite the become rough analyst in his day.

Secrets of The Algebraic Symmetry of Characteristics and Patterns of Erosion

As scientists and theorists study patterns, design, chaos, density they often turn to description for examples and there is a load of examples in character too. The stripes on a zebra, patterns on a butterfly, spider webs, leafs on a tree, scales on a fish, seashells, brain waves, muscle structure, quality of granite, spider webs, Earth cycles, waves on the ocean, wind flow, clouds in the sky, Rainbows, Solar System, arrange of a meteorite and even DNA itself.

UUV - Unmanned Flooded Vehicles to be Used for Fish Agricultural or Algae Bloom Removal

What is a UUV? UUV is the abbreviation given to Unmanned At the bottom of the sea Vehicle. It is a mini-submarine lacking a person in it.

Hydro-Mini Tsunami-Perpetual Wave Building Machine

Let's depict this idea as a Self Generating a Tsunami-Perpetual Wave Configuration Building Appliance to Develop Mini-Hydro Power Systems in Rivers.Hydro-Mini Tsunami-Perpetual Wave Creation Machine.

Electromagnetic Energy in Meteorites - Theory

I have some acquaintances who have the leading concealed meteor assembly on Earth. He and his son 14 years old and a contestant for this idea; Now then in conversations, they explained all the cataloged meteor findings and found that each US state has 500 (there is an almanac of such no doubt?) or so findings and deep-rooted by tests such as cross cut section, cloth grain patterns, density not found on Earth, etc, etc.

Space Journey - Human Intrinsic Bonding to ELF - Exceptionally Low Frequencies of Earth Earth

Human inborn bonding to ELF - Exceptionally Low Frequencies of world Earth will be a badly behaved in space journey for the future. How do we know this? We know for the reason that mental illness seems to very often coincide with mental illness.

Life on Mars, Warm Water Under our Ice Caps, Evidence, Bacteria under Our Feet

Well many citizens out there are asking is there certainly life on Mars? Our Belief Group has been asking not if, what type?An condition I bear in mind comprehension and commentary in Astronomy Magazine back in 1996 that read was there life on Mars and it was an condition about a meteorite that landed here on Earth and it was found in 1984 in Antarctica in the Allen Hills ice fields, like I even know where that is? It had bacteria fossils and cadaver of bacteria that lived about 3.6 billion years ago and the meteor appeared to have come from Mars.

Predictions of Mayan Calendar Followers? 2012 is Just About the Corner

Well have you heard the most recent of the newest Doom and Gloomers? This on; the Mayan Calendar, which officially ends in 2012 the last year being 2011. Yah check this out; http://www.

N400 Brain Wave to Assist in Culture and in Performance

In any crucial task you need to stay alert and in some professions a big cheese could lose their life ifyou are not staying heads up or cause a critical calamity where a big name else has to pay with theirs. Not good, so what is the answer here? Here is a brain wave on learning, safety, brain waves and winning.

Heads Up Displays and Mainframe Human Interface

Heads Up Displays For High Tech Human Edge Need More Sensory Input to the Brain. We have been studying the HUD - Heads Up Ceremony units for the Apache Act of violence Helicopter, F-18, Affair Jets and accepted wisdom of it's uses for soccer moms in SUVs in the fog, over the road trucks, Race Cars, Speed boats, Heavy Paraphernalia is crucial mining endeavors.

That Dust on Your Car May Soon Be Smarter Than You Think?

Here is a brain wave to get this topic started. A belief on a smart dust design.

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