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Pre-empt the Radiation or Die

At West Point, in a speech, Head George W. Bush communal the doctrine of pre-emption with his cadets that he spoken as a countermeasure to September 11 attacks.

How Satellite TV Systems Originated

What we know as satellite tv in reality had its origins in the space race which began with the launching of the satellite Sputnik by the Russians in 1957. The first consultation satellite was urban and launched by a grouping of commerce and authority entities in 1963.

Alchemy: Revolving Rocks to Gold Since the Average Ages!

Alchemy. Such a misunderstood science.

A Wake Up Call To The Controlled Community

Nature has millions of intervowen interrelationships among the frequent flora and fauna. Such relationships are the basis for the food webs and food pyramids.

Why Dont Moths Fly to the Moon?

Surely, in the days ahead of man false false light, moths would have been attracted to the only light font at night - the moon. Wouldn't they have just kept on hasty until they dropped from exhaustion? In fact does this not come about today in thinly populated areas, where the moon is still the only night-light available?Navigation Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no distinct come back with - only theories.

Feb. 12 is Darwin Day -- Secular Americans Celebrate Bday of Evolution Champ

This Feb. 12 marks the 196th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth!The day has elite connotation for America's near 30 million nonreligious people.

Paternity Tough - Are You Raising A big shot Elses Child?

The dawn of the DNA testBack in the 1700s, the best way to affect fatherhood was by a good hard look and the child, followed by a good hard look at the father. A sufficient amount coincidences and maybe a association could be proposed.

The Wages of Science

In the United States, Assembly approved, last month, increases in the 2003 budgets of both the Citizen Institutes of Healthiness and Citizen Discipline Foundation. America is not alone in - ineffectively - frustrating to compensate for imploding assets markets and risk-averse financiers.

The Ecology of Environmentalism

The hypothesis of "nature" is a romantic invention. It was spun by the likes of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 18th century as a confabulated utopian difference to the dystopia of urbanization and materialism.

Paper - More than Meets the Eye

We are surrounded by so much paper and card that it is easy to disregard just how byzantine it is. There are many varieties and grades of paper materials, and even as it is comparatively easy to spot the varieties, it is far more arduous to spot the grades.

How Albert Einstein Saw Effects A Hardly Differently

Albert Einstein had just administered an examination to an far ahead class of Physics students.As he left the building, he was followed out by one of his doctrine assistants.

Lets Get Dirty

There is no right way of axiom this, so I'll say it the wrong way: in order to stay good for you we must stay dirty. Now, that didn't sound right, did it? Put it this way: if we all lived in sealed apartments where only the purest air was pumped in and every trace of bacteria were eliminated from our food we in all probability wouldn't last long when we stepped outside.

Veterinary Hematology 101; 2005 Abstract

Veterinary Hematology is more than just blood cells. Blood, abundantly functional and truly definitive, does much more than bestow for the carry of cellular metabolites and waste products.

Divining Your Soul Number

Your Soul Number, which defines your very essence or heart's desire, is calculated using the vowels in the name that appeared on your birth certificate. This comprehension describes what you or an added anyone value or want most in life.


I am being allowable time out to raise a branch of learning that is dear to my heart (I as normal promote web sites!).Is there life out there? Are we alone? How did we get here?These are the big questions.

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