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Locusts To Help Make Energy From Bio Waste, part IV

We are in a Plague year 2004-2005 where the locusts are swarming. No one knows how long this will last, but this badly behaved could rage on for a number of more years.

Laser Ionization Airflow Tunnel Air travel Theory

I consider their is a way to have an on board aircraft laser the air in front of it and move the air out of the way, thus less friction at lower altitudes, no sonic booms and rapid hastening no induced or freeloader drag at low altitudes. You could call it hyper laser atmospheric conditioning.

UAVs and The Forthcoming Enhancements of Tele-Robotics

Today we have by now existing UAVs, which will soon have the amount of working at once in swarms, prohibited from an added close aircraft. We have UAVs, which can be flown by a pilot meeting at a desk more than 1000 miles away.

Megaliths and Pole Flips

The changes in the earth captivating field away from the 7.8 cycle rhythm that it has been for a long time is a touch that may be a answer of the belongings man has done to the Earth.

Gerald Hawkins

There is a little about the Hawkins clan that I like. My most adept and grave educationalist was a Hawkins associated to Black Jack the Privateer and I awe if this man who died a short time ago while contentedly fleeting his model airplanes is one of them.

Big Bang or Lots of Big Fire Crackers?

There are many who talk about the Big Bang Theory. Even if no one can be sure what went bang? Steven Hawking suggests it does not be important what went bang, for the reason that we will never know, so let's think on clothes we can know.

Underground Cities, Save the Humans

Perhaps we be supposed to blueprint tunneling robots, which can dig out an underground city. Unmanned Tunneling robots to build underground cookie reaper cities to save mankind from doable expectations calamity.

Hyper Sound Wave Emissions to Quiet Helicopters

It is likely to disrupt the sound waves advent from a airborne helicopter and re-direct those sound waves up. This would mean on a day with no clouds you would not be able to hear the helicopter from the ground.

Memory Delve into Misses the Obvious

The explore to disclose a mystery.Research laboratories about the world sought after the locality of human memory.

Increasing Human Brain Power, Concept

Is it feasible to augment the human brainpower? Not just befall smarter, but in point of fact more power and energy? Some say yes and NASA is operational on ways to do just that, the applications are endless; from boosting the immune arrangement to advanced cognitive processing.The human brain if it were run at a advanced RPM at night by use of noise could become more intense the bio-systems abilities while sleeping? Music, has an adequate amount of energy to power up a light bulb? If when you slept a android insured you slept at 85 pulse rate like truck drivers are said to when idling their engines all night for lets say 4 hours.

Theoretically is it Feasible to Defy Gravity?

Many consider it is doable to build an anti-gravity equipment and there are many small adaptation which can do this by interfering with the gravity waves. Other say why build an anti-gravity wave apparatus when you can use the gravity to pull you the other way.

Astrophysics and Other Universe Sentient Life

ASTROPHYSICS: - Many other entries will deal with comprehension from this truly amazing field of exploration founded in astrology and chaos art already the Ice Age. There is one difficulty we'd like you to believe at this time.

Hominid Inter-breeding

'Kenyanthropus platyops': - Conceivably the 6,000,000 year old men found by a eccentric who went after the establishment back at the Olduvai Gorge will be proven to in fact not be beyond the australopithecine lineage. But the Leakey children has found a 3.

Stem Cells (The Truth)

The much made known stem cell examine consideration focusing on moral influence is off aim with the goal of real advance in the command of human physiological reimbursement potential. No be of importance what side of this issue you come down on, applied considerations at last trump this emotionally misted up subject.

The Bill Clinton Neuron And The Sweat Neuron

In the world of science, there is excited speculation about current discoveries of creature neurons in the brain, with conspicuous capabilities. They had open a neuron, which fired on credit of just one elite face.

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