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Moon Rover Computerized Concept; Planetary Exploration

I aim a beach ball hopping computerized planetary explorer, which could work in swarms, as a substitute of a superior rover, which might be stuck in the lunar dust or red sands of Mars. One exciting belief is in a white paper by Paolo Fiorini entitled; "A Hopping Robot for Planetary Exploration" in which the robot has numerous aim configurations all weighing great amount.

Aliens in Archaeology

As you read this book you will have to adjourn the incredulity you feel when confronted with my assertions that for at least 5000 years man has been in close associate all over the world. If you have read my other books you will know I have made the case change for the better than any and that there are lots of good scholars who agree with me.

Saving Concealed Ryan in Iraq - Stop the Bleeding

I insinuate that we give soldiers an ultra thin material, which will any be an undergarment to their dress or incorporated as a liner contained by that uniform. This liner in the consistent will be laced with a Blood Coagulation Product.

Debunking the Debunker

In Chronicle and Science:INSPIRATIONAL COMMENTS:"Everybody was glad that I was living; but as I lay there accepted wisdom about the breathtaking place where I had been and all that I had seen, I was very sad; for it seemed to me that each person ought to know about it, but I was scared to tell, since I knew that insignificant person would consider me. - John G.

Flying a Beach Ball UFO

Recently some NASA Scientists were able to fly a MAV; Micro Air Vehicle using a laser to power it and then chase it about the room with the laser beam? Sounds like kids stuff, yet is has some incredible applications for other things. For case we could use Whispering Windows and Discussion Glass Technologies to boost helium full beach ball.

God Formed Man, 5000 years ago?

Well it is on paper that God produced man 5000 years ago, there can be no doubt about it. The Holy scripture guarantees that is in fact how it accurately happened? Oh really? So how do you account for the fossil record, life on mars and relic bones? Oh, you cannot clarify that? I see, but you still wish to argument the works in the a mixture of religions and finally factual and to be followed plainly then? Hmm? Okay, then I have a book that, I for my part advocate that you do not read:"The Seven Daughters of Eve" By Bryan Sykes.

Science Fiction by Arthur C Clarke

It is awkward to have a chat with a big name about knowledge fiction if they are not comfortable with the works of Arthur C Clarke. The concepts are not too awfully challenging to be au fait with and not almost as center as comprehension Issac Asimov for the knowledge fiction novice and anybody can enjoy Mr.

Chimpanzees and Humans a lot in common

Those who study chimpanzees are often amazed entirely with the abilities of that species. They tend to be able to raise their level of awareness and concentration to a finally senior level than we ever believed.

Fire Avoid Classification Concept

What if in the event of a fire the construction arrangement in progress putting out directives using sound waves of the best feasible break away from route? Using the films on the wall and windows to guide fascinated occupants and guide them to the safest exit? It is all likely now due to an old equipment which is now being used thru a assign into the community domain. Smoke lungful of air is the add up to one cause of death in fires.

UAV Acoustic Apparatus for Insect Abundant Stimulus, part one

Can we coax warms of Locusts to argue with our enemies? It appears we can do this by way of directional sound stimulus. Distracting the enemy by guiding mass Locust Swarms towards contact posts, radar facilities, SAM Sites, Appreciation and Charge Stations, logistical sites, Major Infrastructures using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with sound plans which are typically used in gardening in substitute of pesticides.

UAV Acoustic Apparatus for Insect Brimming Stimulus, part two

UAV Acoustic Apparatus for Insect Spilling over Stimulus, part two; Using Locust swarms to assail our enemies using directional sound to guide them.These plagues and swarms seem to occur randomly, even if we do know the migrations are due to over residents in an area.

Submarine Force and Internet web sources

Let us confer the patent for the Submarine, which is now in the community domain, not that any distant governments ever cared since they have been construction them for years. Since my Grandfather built the first Ring Gyro at Stanford Delve into years back, I think it wise to converse these effects in a current context.

Locusts To Help Make Energy From Bio Waste, part I

Plagues of Locusts all the way through out account are well documented. In fact they are even acknowledged back as far as the times of the antique Egyptian pharaohs.

Locusts To Help Make Energy From Bio Waste, part II

If we take the menace, nuisance and destructive Locust, we can coin a win/win condition by and allowing it to continue and cheerfully eat our bio-waste inside up our dumps. Then as it progresses and digests the food it will conceive energy.

Locusts To Help Make Energy From Bio Waste, part III

If we bring the locusts to a feasting area of green cut up bio-waste to allow them to turn that into methane and protein, then we will be able to win the game. We must first limit the areas for egg laying so we do not end up with red-goo syndrome and absconder locust populations.

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