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During the speach, Dr. Reg McDaniel talked about first considering new stem cells in the peripheral blood of clients using glyconutrients many years ago and not recognizing these cells as stem cells. They were 10 times the size of white blood cells and they were given the name "Gee" cells for some time as that's what Dr. Reg said when he experiential these new cells that no one could identify! Now we have the tools to categorize these cells appropriately as stem cells which can be used as "master keys" to move to seats in the body as the body calls for. About a year ago there was an condition in JAMA a propos the stem cells implants of male cells into female bodies of women with leukemia who had customary a stem cell transplant. When these women died, male clear cells were found as neurons in the brain.

Dr. Reg realized that this might offer an account in the many brood with fetal alcohol syndrome that were doing so well with the glyconutrients and others who had cutting edge so far away from their perceived genetic limitations. He told the story of more than a few adopted original family in Canada who had fetal alcohol syndrome who have done remarkably well, humanizing from IQ's estimated to be about 50 to levels about 100. One girl who had difficulties with comprehension and records and was in counteractive course after 3 years with glyconutrients was able to read a Harry Potter book in a week and confer what she had read.

When they appraise the beforehand and after stem cell counts in the blood, effectively none are detectable prior to glyconutrieints. Surrounded by a week of bountiful glyconutrients, there are 200-400 stem cells seen in a microliter of blood with about 5-10 thousand white blood cells. If one extrapolates to the whole body, it is achievable that there are 1. 7-3 trillion new stem cells during our body as we add in glyconutrients. We're at the activation of accord all of what is doable with stem cells. There is an clause in the June Logical American if you want to read more about stem cells.

A New STEM CELL Analyze CD for the Healthiness Care Certified will be free next week that contains data that glyconutrients become more intense Stem Cell action in the human body (This is a presentation CD not an audio CD). This NEW Stem Cell CD by H. Reg McDaniel, M. D. id how glyconutrients integrated into accepted therapy may allowance every disease that Stem Cells allowance and THAT IS EVERY DISEASE.

You may appeal the CD online at http://www. results4kids. org for a $50 donation. Proceeds are split 50/50 with Fisher Institute for Health check Examination and the Domino effect Donation for Health and Edifying Research. These organizations are seeking major funding for Stem Cell Examination using glyconutrients. The course outline on stem cell in a row connected to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be found at Fisher Institute's website.

Note: Glyconutrients are not anticipated to heal, treat, or cure any disease.

Zach Thompson works worldwide as a Glyconutritional Consultant. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of rural Virginia. He serves primarily the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, & New Zealand. His clients range from Expert & Olympic Athletes to those with auto-immune disease & family with Erudition Disabilities. He uses exclusively Pharmaceutical-Grade Glyconutritonals, & Dietery Supplements that meet or exceed the criteria set forth by The Commission for Answerable Sustenance in his practice. The expenditure of Organic & chemical-free foods along with a low-glycemic diet plan is an basic part of of his clients path to wellness. You can get more in order at: http://www. myglyconutrientstore. com .


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