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Energy ESP #7 - America and its Accident Course

Crude oil explodes because of $46. 50 as the harms are developing -

It's superior than Iraq, larger than Bin Laden and even larger than
the next election. America has entered into an exhaustive race
for survival - And insignificant person is chatting about it.

Talking about what you ask?

"Taking down Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure is like spearing
fish in a barrel. . . a corresponding assault on five or more key
[pipelines]junctions in the arrangement could put the Saudis out of
the oil big business for two years. . . " Robert Baer, Previous CIA
officer, USA Today, May 10 2004.

In a land portrayed to be the wealthiest oil inhabitants in the
world, Saudi Arabia also has the maximum difference between
the wealthy and poor. With the be an average of character earnings at
$7,500 per year the poor is kept at bay by charity. Something
we all know the Saudis are good at. Men by the hundreds line up
to meet the prince and ask (is it asking or begging) for
financial help for doesn't matter what ails them. Is this charity? Or is
it a able way to keep the not-so-fortunate from rising up?
Over generations of this practice, the locals have become
accustom. At what point do they rebel aligned with these extreme
unjust ways of life that they have been delt. ? At what point do
AMERICANS accomplish that this is the kind of circle we depend
way too much on and far too often?!?!

CNBC reported last week that OPEC (or could we just say the House
of Saud) said that 'the flow arithmetic mean price of oil is not
sufficient (high) an adequate amount of to meet the needs of the OPEC
countries. ' Gee. . . awe why the 10 year oil futures have been
propelling themselves into space over the past few years? ? What
does this all mean?. . . America is needy on an extremely
unstable country(s). I fear that this will soon come to a head
and Americans will be up the creek with only half a paddle.

Over the past 30 years. , approx. 75% of U. S. trade debit was
money gone to oil imports - That must alteration What Americans don't
realize is the great deviation in the prices of the clothes we
consume. . . and it's about to catch up. . . One quart of oil for
you car costs concerning $2-$5. One gallon as gas about $2. But if
you're in a restaurant and order a Coke or a glass of milk, it is
nearly SIX times that. Now you tell me something, do you need a
"Coke and a smile" to get to work in the morning? FACT - Saudi
OIL FIELDS are attenuation as oil prices are flying. At some stage in the
70's, 15 oil fields pumped one million barrels per day - Today
only two of those are at a steady (or is it) one million.

OPEC's Cloak-and-dagger Famine THAT THEY WONT TELL YOU - Today's oil
reserves estimates DO NOT bring in the two billion barrels of oil
that was burned in the 91' Gulf War. Yet, OPEC has added 287
billion barrels to their assets devoid of claiming any new oil
discovery. - A person smell no matter which fishy???

All this is analyze an adequate amount of that Americans need to work together,
AMERICAN SOIL ASAP!! America needs to admire in the foot step of
Denmark - where they in reality be the source of more electricity than they
consume. . . and sell the rest.

ANYONE you know, if they are in academy or not - PLEASE
forward them this newsletter. Broaden the word! It will take
everyone you know!

Kevin Gluckstal NCCEI Exec. Dir.



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