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Braden is quite wrong when he says the initiations to this data began about two thousand years ago. I think that is when some colonize emboldened by the before Pythagorean fractional inclusion of the awareness into Therapeutae systems like the Essenes, happening to study it and write a bit about it. However, the exclusion on division this in a row which is said to have still been a be of importance of digest execution in the time of Plato, maybe in progress ten thousand years earlier.

Pre-Neolithic Calendars:

The Ishango or other indigenous idea brushwood from chairs like Australia and Africa are not by a long way comprehended by us in the present. The tools of forensics and hard sciences are not constantly doable for each biographer or scholar to fully comprehend but they are great evidences, and I thank god we have them. The megaliths and stelae or other Neolithic Libraries are the business of critical investigation again. The list of proofs for trans-oceanic go in the pre-Christian era would take a full book (at least) if only four lines were attentive to each point. The great seafarers of Atlantis or these early colonizers from the Brotherhood deserve to be deliberate and we can learn a great deal from how they ran their authority or society. If not you wish to take the alien intrusion route of 'easy answers' to describe the a mixture of belongings we are discussing, you will have to keep running to be au fait with why Empire and women-hating was so crucial to those wishing control and control, as the correct means of governance.

I will quote Alexander Marshack shortly, his great work on an antique lunar calendar is just a further item that fits my long held perception, that we know so hardly and affect far too much stupidity for or about our forbears. Frank Parise wrote a allusion book on all known calendrical systems a duo of decades ago. It is fully unbiased and lists the facts as they are known. In it he says the Mayan calendar starts at 3114 BC. In any event he lists it a number of parts from that time forward. I have heard it was all set in 3564 BC. It absolutely is very old and would have taken a big shot or a civilization a long time to get to the point of this approvingly composite predictive calendar that was as astronomically accepted as early 20th Century calendars.

When Marshack wrote about the Le Bill baton in 1991 he was erring on the side of conservatism by maxim it was from at least 15,000 BC. I have seen it dated as old as 35,000 years and the 'norm' for its origin seems to be 30,000 years old. It is an perfect lunar calendar once attention to be mere 'notation' and it took twenty years of full chemical analysis for Marshack to prove what it certainly was. In this quote he seems not to know about other clothes such as the cause of gardening and foreign language that we have covered. I guess it is hard for 'experts' to keep up to date on all the altered fields or disciplines. One other real leeway is that he didn't wish to go alongside conservative learning and the Sumerian or Bible Narrative basis of expression and agriculture. Maybe it was his publisher or some other bureau that committed him not to rock the boat. It is hard to assume he did not know the work done at the Franchithi Caves that shows Cross grains ahead of the Fecund Falcate average grain harvests. Here we have the quote from his book The Roots of Civilization.

"? the unravelling occurred at accurately the minute that young archaeologists in Europe and the United States had begun to announce point of view that notations could not probably have existed in the Ice Age and that the minuscule fashion could not be used to discover notation. I abridge the 'decoding' since it was not reliant on infinitesimal cross-sectional examination of definite marks but on a determination of the altering strategies complicated in a byzantine categorization of visual, symbolic, problem-solving?.

Remember also that this baton was fixed some 5,000 years beforehand gardening formally 'began' in the Bountiful Falcate of the Central East and some 10,000 years ahead of the conventional 'beginning' of writing? "(2)

It is not easy to go anti the military of intellectual exhaustion and worse that are backed by tenured professors. We see Marshack putting quotation marks about 'began' and 'beginning' and astonishment if he knew better. Often the funding for do research dries up when a bit threatening to the exemplar is being discovered. He also judiciously addresses the mental processes of Neanderthal and we open a different debate.

"By the Mousterian period, Neanderthal man, for instance, was not only engaged in center adaptation to his environment, but was also engaged in composite ceremony and rite. By the Upper Paleolithic, current 'Homo Sapiens' was able of representative art and notation. This joint late demonstrate {He avoids the Berekhat Ram model dated to 400,000 years ago which we have covered. In 2004 they have found beaded art at least one fourth that old and claim it is 30,000 years older than the beforehand brain wave to be oldest art. } would seem to be a sign of that quite early the evolving hominid must have had some means of communiqu? or 'language', a amount and skill that evolved as part of the increasingly center way of life and civilization he was structuring. But how much language, and to say what at each stage, has not yet begun to be investigated. It was absolutely more composite than can be deduced by analogy and from studies of the primates. In our pains to appreciate the notations we must make the effort. " (3)

I say the notations were the foreshadowing of Ogham which incorporated the ritual and spiritual chant as well as the noticeable sign languages that must have come first. Ogham is a sign foreign language of the hands and knuckles; it is evident by looking at the clean diagrams of it. It also had remedial and divinatory roots that make up at least 64 altered tracts not to bring up the 5 dialects. Advanced scholars do not know how the quipas of Peru kept poetry on ropes with knots that are reminiscent of Ogham and knuckles. But, when one considers the 'me-too think' that is evident in teaching it is no wonder. There were early 20th Century scholars who still promoted Locke's 'Tabula Rasa'. Locke said no being could think or be in touch and that this is what separated man from beast at some point in his development. This, of course, dovetailed fairly nicely with the Bible and the Babel story. Even Marshack is not mentioning Koko the thug or Kansai the chimp. They both know more English and grammar than many seven year olds.

The historians who made us deem the human was a cave occupier who beat women over the head with clubs are still quoted as having a touch to offer. Approximately all Western academic circles is still infected by the Ussher born gradualistic ascendance because of a 'god-guided' Christian article that in some way bent 'sins and demons' and only had one true agent on earth. The scholars in the Minster or the accompanying authority who urbanized the Scale of Characteristics looked-for to endow with their missionaries and armed force with rationalization to abolish all life and art they found. The Incans and Mayans suffered awfully to see their civilization ruined and yet knew it was advent beforehand it happened. It took the Pope until 1524 to choose if the North American Indian even had a soul as crude as the Hottentot. Needless to say who they had at the top of this evil Scale or Chain of Ascended Being; it was that character who was the Lord's only representative. The same one that liked Cosmas Indicopleustas creation all the heavens orbit about him in the Flat Earth theory.

Maybe I am wrong to think there has been an logical and well brain wave out conspiracy from the flash of the Treaty of Tordesillas and Columbus' first invasion. Maybe Apparent Lot is not the kind of rationale that the elite have used anti natives and be an average of associates all through history. Doubtless I do over-emphasize the Hegelian 'play both ends aligned with the middle' every time I see ancestors like Moses being all effects to all people. But it absolutely deserves acute concern if one is to learn a sufficient amount from account to stop these belongings from happening. I am a number of that animals have a soul and the capability to think and communicate. Yogi Ramacharaka of the Yogic Civilization of Chicago wrote some admirable books at the activation of the 20th Century in which he said domestic animals are at a privileged spiritual level than many humans breathing in poverty. In the end I astonishment about the soul of Churchians who limit the apparition and awareness of the soul for all their 'flock'! Jesus said, 'We are all the brood of God' and God must have ancestors fulfilling his Drive of coordination here on earth. We all must think and desire for ourselves as we learn from our soul and all the aptitude of it and humanity - we must not be 'fool - owers'!

"It was the first accepted wisdom of prehistorians caught up in the late nineteenth-century consideration of knowledge aligned with the house of worship that the newly bare confirmation of antiquated art and ceremony discovered an evolution of man's 'spiritual' and 'religious' side, as different to his mounting 'practical' or 'aggressive' side as indicated by the tools. This philosophic border of man into two or three parts was an challenge to save his exceptional 'spiritual' place at the top of the ladder of creation. Man, the case went, may have ascended organically at some stage in his evolution, but once near the top he had been given, or he had achieved, a 'soul'. " (4)

And you know who the interpreters for this creature that gave us a soul were, don't you? Marshack goes on to converse the exact and other aid of Minister Teilhard de Chardin, which rocked Catholicism. I am very much in arrangement with the 'templates' of Teilhardism and the need for a 'Conspiracy of Love' which he called for, in great earnestness. His control can be seen in Jean Houston's Jumptime. This qualitative Bright Aim is at the root of all my ardor to copy a new description for man to build accurate models of behaviour upon.

So I hope I have conventional an adequate amount of of the ground rules for the booklover to see the 'notation' and cipher on dolmen, menhir, megalith and stelae or other Neolithic Libraries has a lot to offer us; in as how we residential as spiritual beings in a long and abundant growth, we must benefit to the bosom of. One of the most crucial aspects is reflected in the degrees of a circumnavigate or mapping coordination that Bradley said academics have 'no deceptive reason' for the fact of its existence. It is sung and it was unspoken by the builders of the Great Pyramid.

Author of many books that tell us there are reasons that able ancestors have hunted to keep be an average of associates under them fairly than share and care. Our chronicle includes times when we were able to co-operate and accomplish more as a species (even more than now possibly) and some colonize kept a a small amount of the more antediluvian acquaintance to themselves.


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