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As part of the examination team that sought after to know how complex the antediluvian navigational gear and computers or astrolabes were, this man deserves acclaim he has not received; though it might be that belief would come in the form of deride such as was bound for at Barraclough Fell. Here is an extract from The Epigraphic Association Infrequent Newspaper no. 20 on pages 2-3 which makes bring up of his assistance in these regards that prove Maui was not the only owner of a Torquetum or Tanawa in pre-Christian times.

"Navigation tackle depicted in the Irian Caves"

From Chief officer F. E. Bassett, USN, Chairman, Course-plotting Department, United States Naval Arts school (Annapolis):

22 November 1974

'Your correspondence a propos the West Irian cave discoveries was customary with great interest? The next explanation are free as to the sketches. They are only educated guesses based on the collective awareness of course-plotting administrative area personnel of outer space map-reading (we have no experts on routing prior to the European "Age of Discoveries". But we do have a digit of texts that may point you in the adjust command in your explore for a foremost authority)?

a. no deceptive significance.

b. Agreement. It would seem that the light ray is the only commonsense explanation. (Note by editor: this refers to the first be included in the cycle of diagrams available in Occ. Pub. No. 18. The sketch was submitted to the Naval the system ahead of the allied symbol text was identified and deciphered. The deciphered header proved to read 'ray from the sun'. )?

c. The diagram appears to resemble an explanatory diagram discussing the guess of analogy light rays from outer space. The concept assumes that the extraterrestrial bodies are at an countless detachment from the earth. (Note by editor: this refers to the be with appear in Occ. Pub. No. 18. Here again Commander-in-chief Bassett's construal is in admirable arrangement with the cartouche text subsequently deciphered. )

d. It is speculated that amount d is a diagram illustrating that one body would be experiential at another altitudes from atypical positions of observers. (Note by editor: This refers to the third diagram in Occ. Pub. No. 18 for which no correlated text has been so far identified. Commandant Bassett's evocation seems to be a very acceptable and fitting description of the diagram. )

'Group 3. Items shown as anchors arrive beyond doubt to be anchors. Item A might conceivably be a grapnel hook. Items B and C could maybe be elevation measuring campaign which use a plumb bob to begin the vertical. The circular portion may be emblazoned with bony scale. {The Masonic T- balance has this idea and may denote their antediluvian trading cloak-and-dagger that enabled them to go to where they required and carry on to trade for cocaine, emeralds and gold not including much antagonism for many millennia. I will cover this in larger allocate shortly. } (Note by editor: these items are still under study at Harvard where there is arrangement with these comments; one item depicted is according to the grapevine an early form of Torquetum, an analog mainframe employing a plumb bob and circular scales, used in the study of planetary beckon along the elliptic. Dr. Sentiel Rommel is increasing a replica. )?.

Item E best resembles illustrations of early astrolabes. (Note by the Editor: the pictogram text accompanying this be included is assumed to read 'Number reckoner of the Delta astronomer'; and Harvard scientists urbanized a wood model based on the sketch, calibrated to give time by night, the attitude of the zodiacal constellations at all hours for all days of the year, the daily adjustment of amendment of cross staff high point angle to yield latitude, and the daily arrangement of the sun on the ecliptic. This model will be available after advance study by Dr. Sentiel Rommel. )?"

The cite of Delta maneuverings me. I know the Great Pyramid produces Delta wave form energy and I accept as true most astrolabes were in tune with the cosmic and earth energy. The one found in Wisconsin dates to the same era or ahead than the Antikythera, based on metallurgical analysis. There are two accurate tetrahedra in the Great Pyramid and the energy flowing about and over (or through) it causes varying personal property which may be discernable in other key locations on the Earth Energy Grid where many have shown the same sung shaking does exist. The Mayan associates built their city centers on these key points. Masons build stelae in the central of accessible roads in the Nova Scotia Grid tied in with Oak Island. I think we can dream up these technologies may bill for the two sidereal charts of the heavens (along with in recent times naked lenses in a choice of parts of the world) confidential the Great Pyramid. That means there was this kind of expertise about approximately 80,000 years ago. The Nonsexual Solids gravel in the Ashmolean Museum are estimated to have been done about 1400 BC and they are very attractive to say the least. They doubtless comprise an accepting counting the Pentagon-Dodecahedron, Stargates and many other clothes I am functioning on with other people. There is an Octagon on behalf of Air, an Icosahedron (Water), a Dodecahedron (Ether), a Tetrahedron (Fire) and a Hexahedron (Earth).

It brings us to the T-Square which numbers so prominent in the Masonic token or symbology. The early one had no arc for pointed answer but the Torquetum compulsory the at a 90 degree angle control which it would provide. This central emblem is known as the T-Square of Ptah and the Masons claim they are the extension of data going back at least ten thousand years. The other meanings of the degrees which all Masons go because of and ties in to the spinal column digit (33) and the most puissant level claimed by Crowley (90) are all intuited in the hierarchy desired to make a ample code. If overheard one easily explains the least critical or abusive credit of the code. So in this one extract we have the knowledge and a far more antique date thereof than our description has told us - we also have it appearing all over the world along with some cagey potentials allied with it.

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