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When looking for life on Mars we must be accepted wisdom of how life forms on Earth. Not for the reason that it will be similar, though it perhaps could be, but for the reason that we know the things, which inhibit life and the clothes which help it flourish. This is not to say that life does not exist classified the rocks or under the become known in underground aquifers or that the rocks themselves are not alive, but in all probability we will find the life or leftovers of before life in those spaces where we find life on Earth which are alike to those spaces on Mars. That makes sense right?

Well, we just found life beneath the ice shelf by coincidence on Earth when a large piece of ice broke away. It was alive in its own ecosystem, cut off from the rest of the world quite comfort and prosperous in near freezing water of the Antarctic. What was existing in such hostile conditions? Oh, vast communities of clams and bacteria; an area, which has been cut off from other eco-systems for at least 10,000 years or more.

Sounds incredible? Yes, must we be surprised? Categorically not, similarly do not be amazed when we find life on Mars under the ice either, in fact you must assume it. Bacteria is life and one of the oldest and simplest life forms, but Mars may amazement us with miscellany or even at this time breathing life with more byzantine forms of life. Discovery life at a depth of 2,800 feet under a layer of 600 feet of ice in such cold environments just proves that "life will find a way" as the great professor in movie "Jurassic Park" proclaimed. Dream alive in such an environment, what would you eat? Where would you get your energy, how is this possible? By sequencing the genome of these clams and bacteria we may get a clue as to what we be supposed to be looking for on Mars.

Anyone who says there is no life on Mars, no how, no way, disrespects what life is and is so jammed up in their dutiful belief classification that they doomed to be wrong about much more than this life. Think on it.

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