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Energy in the form of heat is obtained when fuel is burnt in air. The announce of this heat energy can be slow or can be very rapid.

When fuel oil is sprayed as a fine mist in the cistern burners, it is able to burn at a moderately slow rate. When fuel is sprayed into the cylinders of diesel engines, the fuel burns in such a rapid rate that explosions occur. Fortunately, these explosions are confined from personnel as these engines are called home ignition engines.

Whatever type of combustion, it is a compound answer concerning carbon, hydrogen, sulphur and oxygen.

C + O2 = CO2
2CO + O2 = 2CO
2H2 + O2 = 2H2O
S + O2 = SO2
2S + 3O2 = 2SO3

Air consists of 77% Nitrogen and 23% Oxygen by mass. For a detail blueprint of incineration air, the theoritical oxygen multiplied by 100/23 will give the theoritical air required.

How do you calculate a good combustion. The percentage of Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide will tell us whether the fire is good or not good.

The lower the Oxygen comfortable in the exhaust gas, the beat the combustion. It means that the Oxygen has been fully utilized for burning. It also means that the fuel air ratio is set properly. Too much glut air is no good since the heat generated will be lost all the way through the exhaust trunking.

Boilers are able to complete a good combustion. Oxygen comfort percentage of up to 5% or lower can be achieved.

Internal burning engines have a lot of extra air since combination of the explosive mixture is a challenge for them. Furthermore, the fire is meant to endow with the power to drive the pistons.

The burning of sulphur in the fuel is a challenge for fire equipment. This is since the byproducts of fire will conceive sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide. These will react with the water, also a consequence of ignition of Hydrogen to form sulphuric acid and sulphurous acid.

SO3 + H2O = H2SO4
SO2 + H2O = H2SO3
2H2SO3 + O2 = H2SO4

However, the belongings of corrosion, called low high temperature oxidization can be avoided by charge the high temperature above the dewpoint. That means to keep the exhaust fever high so that water droplets will not form on the exhaust ducts.

Folks, get hot!

Until next time?

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