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Reduction citizens in calamity crisis, idea - art


So often when we see huge Actual Disasters there are many citizens killed, but for all who perishes there are 5-10 citizens injured; many very seriously. So often too the area of the world were the blow occurs does not have an adequate amount of sanatorium beds, checkup professionals or the right tackle desirable to help save those lives. Well, there is a new discovery, which might alter all that. Mark Roth and his colleagues have made a fairly fascinating discovery; they have found a way to put mice into a floating cartoon state. They used a very toxic gas; hydrogen sulfide, which when used in minor amounts puts these small mammals into impermanent hibernation. Alike to a bear when it hibernates.

If we had tanks of hydrogen sulfide and put calamity victims which desirable help but there was not an adequate amount staff or amenities to help them into hovering activity or briefly induced hibernation, that would buy us bonus time to carry the crisis. Here is how it might work; each victim is administered the crucial impermanent help to stop the bleeding. Those which need extra help, which is unavailable are put into a room which has the accurate percentage of gas in it, which puts them to sleep. Their bodies like the mice would slow down 90% and thus we could work on the victims which staff was obtainable for. Protocol would need to be worked out of course, but by doing this we could save lives and not have so many injured die due to lack of checkup services or checkup employment in that time of need. Think on this please.

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