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Smart dust and virtual keyboards - knowledge


Using Smart Dust which is scattered onto a rock it maybe doable to type in rank into a small cpu or PDA very rapidly. This could be quite handy for many belongings such as; Examination and Rescue, Fire Fighting, Civil Air Patrol, Hikers and Mountain Climbers and of classes armed applications. Think for a back up the promise for Net Centric Combat for Elite Armed forces Troops. But how faithfully can all this work? Well, austere really, you find a flat rock and spinkle your micro-electro-mechanical "Smart Dust and then put on a set of glasses which has a barely clip on lens which has a grid arrangement of a key board. Then you move your fingers crosswise the virtual the ivories as if typing onto the rock. It is quite easy to use essentially for the reason that your eyes see it as if it is real on the rock and the glasses you are draining decipher each tap onto the anxiety easily upset smart dust as a strike. The data is then put into a small mainframe you wear coupled to the glasses by a wire. The data is then sent all through a hot or helmet and uploaded candidly to the satellite.

The potential and uses are endless and from tip to toe develop the total of announcement gear the soldier, fire jumper, first responder or exploration and rescue delicate have to carry. For those super enthusiasts with everything, together with GPS and Satellite Phones, now they can send and collect email. Those with the most recent wrist watch contact plans shown by Bill Gates at the CES show can use the approach exclusive of creation noise which could give away their attitude with thru the use of voice activated software. Indeed, a hunter, soldier or downed armed forces pilot before you for extraction can send and be given emails via satellite in safety. Think on this.

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