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Chance versus predetermination - discipline


Science is inherently a progression of experiments surrounded by bunged systems. A known early points, then a prediction on what will come about based on a set of early parameters. Once the prediction can be reproduced this is gauged as fact.

The universe itself is a system, which in essence had early parameters, which as a customary consensus is deemed to be 'The Big Bang'.

Predicting how a cycle of 50 coin flips will turn out (either heads or tails or edge) is nigh on impossible. Each flip takes into bill many parameters (the force of the flip, height from the floor, air pressure, side winds, floor cloth etc). The coin doesn't have free will, but it is 'controlled' by the parameters at any one time. The first parameters dictate how it will fall.

As you go all the way through life, each choice you make, every accomplishment you take is fated by prior parameters, which each could be seen as 'starting' parameters for the certain time in place you are.

If you are at a turning, you can go each left or right. You think about it, you rely on experience, your memories to dictate which way you will go. Is left to a appointment which you are late for? Is right to the toilet? Do you know that going left is dangerous?

These questions go all through your mind based on what you know and what you need to know about the 'choice' you have.

You wouldn't turn left if you knew you would die. You wouldn't turn right if the conference room was to the left and you were late for a appointment there. But for a further cause overrides that. Maybe you need the toilet more than going to the meeting.

Therefore I have in mind that there is no such thing as free will. The lot is indomitable by what has happened previously. Even if you were in sensory deficit (with no idea of what is to the left or right) and had to make a choice, you would base it on prior experience.

Free will is an illusion which is dictated by preceding experience. Free will is only an assumption. Individual perception of annals dictates your activities and choices.

Written By: Richard Hawkins
http://monoecho. com (Personal Blog)
A guy with an avid advantage in abnormal phenomena.


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