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We need solutions to our dearth disaster in this country. There are clean but exclusive solutions; for instance; Desalination, salt water rivers and conservation strategies. Now ahead of you accusing me of hyping any of the newest technologies or try to tell me it costs too much, let me defend amazing about the Earth's water supply. Only 3% of the Earth's Water is fresh. This includes the water and damp in the clouds, underground reservoirs, rivers, lakes, streams and pipelines. So if we keep greater than ever the people of mammals we will need to have a superior bring in of fresh water. The bushel are full and the character converts this to fresh water and then it rains and we assemble it. So far we end up flooding areas when we make it rain or we fail. We use up all the fresh water in the waterways, which pass because of our cities and we waste the rest on effects that are not chief if you love what Tiger Woods does. Ancestors say it will cost too much to take water from the ocean where 70 percent of our inhabitants lives and turn it into fresh water to serve that population's emergent needs. Well I say it does not cost that much at all. Water in general and it depends where you live in the US, costs about $ 1. 60-2. 10 per 743 gallons, (a unit of water) do not ask me about our arrangement of measurement I am still annoying to assume out how much a fathom, knot, heap or pint is. According to the grapevine the scientists have not figured out the change connecting a yard and a meter any judging by the crash of the last Mars Probe a few years back, even all the same I do not deem it essentially crashed.

So let us say that water tripled in price? Is that a big deal really? No, as we previously use twice the water we need arithmetic mean household uses 20-40 units of water and if they were more conservative with the water they would use only 10-20 units thus instead. Thus their bill would be in half and if you doubled that well there you are again; no big deal really. And now you have ad lib contribute and ancestors up river do not have to bring in citizens who decide on to live in dry arid sitting room where water is piped or canal it in from far away. Los Angeles area for command sits on the water yet takes water from the Bay Delta, Mono Lake and Colorado River, when PHX and Las Vegas both need the water. On the East coast same thing you have the megalopolis from Boston to D. C. that needs incredible amounts of water yet almost every major city as well as NYC sits in miles of the ocean. Come on citizens Duh? Critics say it costs too much to build, it will never pay itself back and it will kill areas of wetland, which host at least four hundred species of rare mosquitoes. (Yah the kind that carry West Nile virus with big stingers). Desalination is the key it all the time has been and we can build water canals to carry this water to just about every Major Southern US City, challenge solved. We can also use this to calculate out the earth in seats where gravity is disproportionate due to our captivating oil or water out of the ground, open seats under the surface. This will also cause the Earth to spin more evenly chill out the become rough patterns, slow international warming and solve hundreds of other issues. You say I am crazy, oh yah check this out;

http://static. howstuffworks. com/pdf/express-v1n1. pdf

and this is a known fact lets see if you score a 100% on this quiz smarty pants;

http://intergate. sdmesa. sdccd. cc. ca. us/staff/sievers_j/fall%2097%20exams. htm

http://caliban. physics. utoronto. ca/neufeld/myposts. txt

and i don't know pick up a copy of Feburary journal of Logical American.

http://static. howstuffworks. com/pdf/express-v1n1. pdf

Now we can appear out where to put these become known canals and reservoirs and adjust out the wheel like weights when you consider your tires and we get for that energy less intense weather, like Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, typhoons, Tornados, etc.

http://www. geo. hunter. cuny. edu/~afrei/pg130_fall01_14_climatechange. htm and

http://www. uwgb. edu/dutchs/pseudosc/flipaxis. htm and

http://freespace. virgin. net/benkins. uk/Chap1. htm .

What we are chatting about is charming a need for water for humans and balancing out the gravity of the world simultaneously. So lets just say we will never effortlessly compare out the planet. So what if we can add salt water canals in areas, which will be earlier to a balanced spiraling of Earth, we have accomplished two objectives and we will gain much from this. For case in point if Mono Lake were packed up with water would that extra credence be in a good spot? If yes do it; if no do not; if you do, use that as the lake to make your fresh water with. If you look carefully at the countryside of the US you will see many spaces were house a sea water canal is very austere and actually costs less than construction a highway.

http://www. srpnet. com/community/heritage/srphistory. asp and

http://www. srpnet. com/water/newsletters/pdf/irrigreswinter01. pdf

and as you can see from this PHX cast the fees are not overly costly to do this as one would predict, also check out the plant being built in Tampa Bay, FL;

http://www. water-technology. net/projects/tampa/

http://www. water-technology. net/projects/tampa/specs. html

http://www. tampaelectric. com/TENWCommNewsDesal. html

and the fees are not going to be that bad, our know-how is so much develop than it was before. And but you may turn on your TV set and see the most recent floods about the world rest confident that this is a international issues now, and we will have over 60,000,000,000 citizens on this globe by 2045. And you know what that is especially not that far away, isn't that the year the ponzi conspire called Common Defense will implode? It is not certainly that far from now and definitely not long in the annals of our species.

If we want to carry on on this path, we must pay awareness to the needs of human life. The offspring born today, yes today in Dignified of 2005 will have a life hope of 120 years, they will live until 2125, much longer than 2045, for 2045 is right about the corner. And this is not including all the hottest drugs, fake limbs and apparatus grown from stem cells such as hearts, kidneys, liver, bone marrow, brain handkerchief and lungs. All this is in the works my ally and no fundamentalist pious comings and goings are going to stop the pursuit to find the cure for cancer, Alzheimer's or heart disease either. So you may plan on being about for a while and study your grandkids develop into grandparents. And see all the associates you helped make that have diseased the planet. Now devoid of condemning you for creating all these people, you need to think about what you are doing here. If we all choose to be a consequence our fortune and that of our ancestors to procreate, we must be wise an adequate amount to assume out a way to feed them all, house them and look after them, and one thing above all they will need is water.

The air be supposed to clean itself as we acquire assorted ways of moving all the way through free venture and innovations such as fuel cell technologies and alternative energies. So let's concentrate on solving these deficiency issues by advent to a long term appreciation of the real troubles and then work towards those technologies which serve the capitalist and free marketplace best short term, and concurrently solve a bigger need to serve the hope of mankind, as it does arrive on the scene that we are all congregating in the same locations and over draining such elemental needs as water supply.

We need to charge the come through and the best way to do that is to consider the globe and eliminate the variables in our become rough first. The wobbling can stop, we can have drink, be in charge of the weather, have jobs, and off springs, as it appears to be one of the strongest inborn needs of man and live long and fulfilling lives exclusive of risk of hunger by millions, agricultural catastrophe in full continents and unpredictable weather. How critical is all this. Well there is ample time, but disaster management predicts that the best time to solve a challenge is evidently beforehand it happens. Construction salt water canals is especially easy, especially clear-cut and we could have them all done in less than four or five years, adequate of time to curb any major calamity.

http://www. nrdc. org/water/conservation/cabay/fcabay. asp

http://www. nws. noaa. gov/om/hod/SHManual/SHMan026_OtrAgc. htm

http://www. ciesin. org/docs/006-238/006-238. html

http://www. ciesin. org/docs/006-238/006-238. html

http://md. usgs. gov/publications/wsp-2375/md-dc/

Tell me when you had an adequate amount corroborate of what I am saying. Stop conception only the newspapers and appreciate the droughts today are going to be worse in the hope as we add more people, more golf courses, more lawns, more houses along the same over taxed, over worked and under full rivers of an Earth whose temperatures still rising even after the height of the last three years ago high of the solar greatest and yet the cool temperatures have never recovered.

The globe did not cool back down yet, and even if it did, there is not a sufficient amount of the flow water in many parts of the countryside to acknowledge more people. So if you are before you for the down side of a short-term cycle of a heated earth it ain't experience anytime soon. Face it as it is we do not have an adequate amount of water to carry on this rate of residents growth. Maybe in the wettest of years it can carry out a few more, but not exclusive of some considerable concern to conservation, some continual first-rate forecast by developers, who by the way must be congratulated on their incredible achievement in sustainable housing and affirmative distribution of income in energy conservation and use of materials.

We must look at all levels of this situation. The time is advent when every year will be a dearth year, basically due to predictable usage and cheap assumptions in amount and demand. We need a solution, we need to work at once and we beat plan for tomorrow, as it was the recent past a moment ago and we knew we would be here today. What say you?

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