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Precognition shock to foil bullet achieve - skill


It is a attractive well known fact and has been proven that the body seems to pre-adjust to changes in early payment of procedures by a back up or two. For case there have been studies of test subjects with handle sensors, which would show the subjects pulse or adrenaline spiked right ahead of they were to be shocked. Those of us who know about this have found ourselves in competitive sports with an approximately strange intuition. Of avenue this favoritism the contestant who senses it and takes gain of this just ahead of an event on the in performance field.

Have you ever noticed that you wake up a diminutive already the alarm clock goes off? Well then you MAY have knowledgeable this same sensation. Some say in this case that it is pre-cognition of your rapid body adjust and that while in a dream state your mind is not stuck in time as in the waking hours. It flows thru other dimensions. Others say that conception is bogus and that your circadian rhythm is the explanation. Okay so we have competing theories and neither side has been able to prove convincingly each way one or the other is completely correct. Some studies have been done in which a big shot else sets the alarm clock and the subjects still wake up just ahead of the alarm rings? Exciting how is that likely then? Well, some say we can connect or send judgment out to those we know. And whoever set the alarm and is doing the experimentation sent a a small amount mental communication to the sleeper and gave away the time? Bummer? But you cannot prove that.

I as a result insinuate an experiment. Get 40 colonize all sleeping and forty alarm clocks which are each set in early payment by a mainframe with no clock on them, just a small amount black boxes; all atypical times. Each alarm clock is to be set by a sleeping character at atypical times in another places. Then see if all and sundry wakes up just ahead of they go off. Ah ha, then you will know if it is precognition of a very curt alter in bio-rhythms from the sound of the alarm or if they stay sleeping until the end you know it was the circadian rhythm all along.

Now then in auxiliary appraisal of this experiment, let us say a sniper is aiming at a group of US Soldiers and the guerrilla is about to send a killer round, which will kill that soldier? Okay what if we put a badge on the neck, a piece of tape with a antenna in it. The feeler would pick up a earlier heart rate and thus trigger a twelve-volt run to shock the soldier admonition him. He would then duck or closely do a little different. This would be good in the event of guarding a checkpoint as well. Since in our first conduct experiment we re-prove this intrinsic sensation and capability exists, now we use it to save lives. Think on this. This conduct test will cost $30,000 to prove.

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