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Greater than ever human brain power, conception - skill


Is it doable to augment the human brainpower? Not just develop into smarter, but essentially more power and energy? Some say yes and NASA is operational on ways to do just that, the applications are endless; from boosting the immune approach to elevated cognitive processing.

The human brain if it were run at a elevated RPM at night by use of noise could amplify the bio-systems abilities while sleeping? Music, has an adequate amount of energy to power up a light bulb? If when you slept a android insured you slept at 85 pulse rate like truck drivers are said to when idling their engines all night for lets say 4 hours. Then it would condense the rate for deep sleep and REM? You could hook a bit up to the jawbone, which would take the sound waves from the brain waves and use that vocal character or ELF alpha brain waves. This would be damaging for some effects such as deep sleep but would be beneficial for other things. If you built an robot for space getaway which was half human, half robot you use a polymer muscle and every few hours ping it and then allow it to move back and forth charging a small energy cause by using magnetics and a pendulum technique.

The sounds of a space craft might be able to be converted to energy waves, which would heat up helium exclusive a nano box mini tank, the helium would increase for the duration of this course and heat up just about a diaphragm aligned with a friction power source? The helium would be sealed in the tank. Conservation of energy is ultra chief for long-term space escape and drumbeat into the human bodies additional energy is just one way to go about it. There will be needs for power from crucial campaign on the spacecraft. If your badge was low power then it could be powered up a digit of ways, such as any of these. Using an creature or a genetically custom-made anyone to construct more energy be supposed to be possible, the human brain and body do construct adequate energy to move our bodies about so if we rented some, sure why not. Think on it.

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