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There is a bit about the Hawkins clan that I like. My most adept and basic educator was a Hawkins connected to Black Jack the Privateer and I astonishment if this man who died freshly while cheerfully fleeting his model airplanes is one of them. I think it is very feasible that genetic in rank convey is real. Math and astronomy was his forte but he also had a gift for Civic Relations when he ran the contest to pay a large sum to any person who could do the math in Crop Circles.

"Perhaps the most clear methodical investigation that can be performed, when one is confronted with the captivating shapes that crop circles can take, is a algebraic chemical analysis of the symbols. This was the approximate followed by Dr. Gerald S. Hawkins, earlier chairman of the astronomy area at Boston University. Hawkins was maybe the first anyone who decidedly demonstrated that crop circles are much more than just some arbitrarily sized and at random positioned patterns in the fields. After analysis the chartbuster Circular Evidence, in which an big overview was given of all British crop circles for the episode 1978-1988, Hawkins analyzed all formations existing in this book. (2) In those early years the pictograms still had down-to-earth shapes: distinct circles, numerous circles in a pattern, and circles with concentric rings about them. All diagrams were put by means of a clear-cut accurate analysis, for the duration of which the proportions of the circumnavigate diameters and the areas confidential the rings were determined. A total of twenty-five pictograms were taken into account.

Hawkins bare that the resultant ratios naked a bright correspondence to the white keys on a piano keyboard? In austere terms it boils down to the fact that the white keys on a piano grand piano can be logically correlated to the ordinal facts 0, 2, 4 5, 7, 9 11, and 12. {Pythagoras urban the avant-garde octave in music and all the crop circles have a little to do with the 'Singing of the Spheres' he industrial as part of what is in the Great Pyramid he academic it from. Harmonics and the inter-relating lattices of earth and cosmic energy are caught up and not aliens as I see it. } When Hawkins gritty the geometrical ratios from the characteristic pictograms, he exposed that all of these corresponded to figure numbers. " (1)

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