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Fundamental basics of life and the aspects of cloning bring dramatic evolution to the methodical and checkup community; however, is this fast-paced false reproduction an incursion of Character or a door to infinite, checkup cures?

In lieu of methodical developments in the biological mainstream, the human involvement of life and it's biological state are of extreme concern. Questions are being raised as to what constitutes life created biologically into this world as conflicting to man-made biocreationism. In progress procedures illustrate a dangerously evolving senerio that will in the end lead to life altering, moral dilemmas.

The query here is whether we, as human beings, can align the birth of another life. Physicians of all fields elatedly anticipate what expectedly will stimulate health achievements on a extraordinary scope.

If you can, conceive of the infinite possibilities. Heart resettle behind you lists would be a thing of the past. Bump victims could in the long run have limb replacements by way of simple, DNA extraction. The ideology that manipulated organs can be fashioned on demand, will categorically increase human lifespans. This, in turn, will bare greater than ever credence on this by now over-populated world.

What becomes the deciding cause of who lives or dies will have critical reprecussions. "Logan's Run," a 70's tube run comes to mind when faced with this imminent technology. In this program, the Earth is overpopulated and tired of accepted resources. This fictional performance depicts life not including illness; however, when one reaches the age of 30, he or she is incinerated to construct more space for those remaining. Though "Logan's Run" was only a novelty, it was certainly a sign of equipment to come.

Another issue is loss of life. When the time arrives, (and it will) that we have unbiasly established the fate of concrete human cloning, individualism and the constitution of what is a "real" human will enter into the field of morality. If a loved one passes on, will we austerely interchange him or her with a biocreated human counterpart or twin? And if so, who is to say that the being characteristics of this artificially-created character will be just duplicated, personality-wise? Then there's the standpoint of human rights. Will these mimic humans have equality as do naturally-born ones?

Ethical factors have not been conscienciously considered by the controlled community. Bio-intervention is expidiciously volumizing the evolution of mankind. At which break do we acknowledge life as mere science? Or do we acknowledge our being fates as human beings, appreciating our augmentation in spirituality? The ask is - what is to befit of the soul of our life when we appreciate that death is nonexistent? A little to ponder.


C. Bailey-Lloyd
aka. LadyCamelot
Public Relations' Chief & Staff Author for Holistic Junction - Your Basis for in sequence on Massage Therapy Schools, Holistic Practitioners, Different Health, Aware journalism and more!


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