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The internet has opened up opportunities for many DNA laboratories to allocate free fatherliness test kits in hopes of a sale from returned samples. In Europe, France is the only land that regulates how fatherliness tests are conducted. Citizens of other European nations are free to comply with their own curiosities and harassing doubts, while French citizens jump all the way through hoops. Bylaw and red tape keep some while hindering others.

Society Perspective

Pro: In 1941, the French control adopted a law called "Accouchement Sous X," or Childbirth Under X. This law allows a French woman to enter a hospice namelessly by signing her name as an X. Her individuality and her child's distinctiveness are both kept anonymous. For a care for who has given birth anonymously, for anything reason, a fatherliness test would certainly break the anonymity. Mothers in the hunt for harbor under the X law will undoubtedly seek the same guard under Critique 16.

Alleged fathers will also charity performance from this law for the reason that assessing fatherliness customarily means child assistance payments. Years of due sum unpaid may be emotional to an alleged member of the clergy if it is found that he is the biological father. Having a lawyer complex in the deal with for each case's establishment will give larger credibility to the test and its results. The transition from outcome to court choice is also round and hastened by having a court-appointed lawyer.

Con: It's hard to say just how many ancestors have forgone a fatherliness test for the reason that of the red tape involved. The best part of lone mothers are in a less-than-favorable fiscal acclimatize and maybe can't find the money for to hire a lawyer.

Placing restriction on affair operations shrinks the market, decreases competition, and drives up prices.

Business Perspective

Pro: DNA laboratories are able to sell a state convenience advantage to in effect any person by means of the postal service. The margin on DNA tests is high, and free home kits can be sent crosswise intercontinental boundaries at a very low cost. French labs are much fewer than the come to of labs in other countries, and the likelihood of affair being conducted exterior France is quite high. Large intercontinental laboratories could predatorily price their tests to the point where conducting a DNA test can no longer be done locally. DNA labs that are set up contained by France will assistance from this legislation since French citizens are not acceptable to conduct a test exterior of the country. Even though business guard was not the aim for addition this condition to the civil code, French labs capture the full countrywide advertise for fatherhood testing.

Con: Commentary 16 more or less creates a civic sector for fatherhood testing. The bazaar size is cheap since fewer associates will be enthusiastic conduct a test since of the bigger complexity. In other countries, such as the UK and Germany, an being can conduct a test approximately whimsically. Having this new know-how obtainable to the all-purpose broadcast at an within your means price has delayed the marketplace size and permissible businesses to grow. In France, prices are fairly fixed. Patrons make choices based more on scene than on price and quality.

The legislation also creates an entry barrier for other companies to enter the French market. In order for a laboratory in the UK to compete in France, it would need to increase operations and build confidential the country. This infeasibility deters many businesses from getting higher into France.


To some, red tape is an annoyance; to others, it is due process. Even if Commentary 16-11 armed forces French citizens to undergo a more lengthy deal with when conducting a parenthood test and hinders big business competition, the commentary serves the best appeal of the people. To make this legislation less burdensome, the court-appointed lawyer ought to be paid for by the state. This will allow more citizens to find the answers to their family-relation questions.

Tom LeBaron is a marketing agent of DNA Bioscience. Catch your own free home paternity testing kit, or learn more about DNA parenthood difficult in the UK.

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