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Crop circles and genetic comprehension - art


The crop crowd mystery is not continually a hoax. I am not able to see how a big cheese could do a bulky aim overnight in the cases where the plants have their stems busted from within. Yes, that is the case in what I be concerned about the real crop circles. The wheat or other plants have the stalk exploded from contained by and the stalks can be bent at a detach up the stalk which would not come about if the use of cumbersome rollers was functional to them. Thus we are able to speculate many belongings but I see no basis for it to be aliens or at least not a visit in brute form by extra-terrestrials.

There are many segments of this book that cover the art of energy and its trellis designs that I think communicate to this phenomena. The designs are every so often far ahead algebraic theorems and there are many Keltic designs. The Kelts or their Druids and shamans were in tune with the Earth Energy Grid and that Grid is part of the superior Cosmic Accepted wisdom Field that Empathy connects diagonally universe. Thus if it is a idea from some brainpower exclusive the Earth's 'event horizon' or local area arrangement of dimensions we would count on to see Keltic designs if the Druids were in fact creation representations of their attunements.

Why this austere factual and historically based examination is not made by other authors is away from me. But I am constantly amazed by people's capability to deny the clean and clear that is about them all the time. I can see why the media and paid hacks in college circles do not wish to integrate account and antediluvian far ahead sciences like Harmonics into their writings. The governments do not want the truth of the antique Brotherhood to befall customary knowledge. They charity performance awfully by the communal perception that man is advancing and humanizing and man once was daft and illogical or a barbarian and hunched-back cave dweller. But I am the proud part owner of artifacts that go back to the pre-Ice Age dot which show giraffes and lions as well as kaleidoscopic sand that affair as books or just about a video. Thus I am in possession of a form of proof seldom seen in the archives of propaganda called academic or academic.

There are many feasible ways that these rocks and electrum (80% gold) masks or other artifacts could be made. All the ways are exterior of what we belief the ancients with having. Lasers, sound rays or sonic drills, and the capability to alter the structural make up of be important all through spiritual or mental attunement are maybe involved. Acumen or consciousness does assistant or form a mass and form banks of energy comparable to each other. I first wrote about this some four decades ago as a teenager frustrating to defend the phenomena of ghosts and elementals.

When two muons protected from cosmic rays like gamma rays were separated in the deep mines formerly used by INCO at Sudbury in Canada a bit occurred that I think relates to this. They keyed up one muon and the other one that had been allied with it responded. Do we for that reason have the right to say all energy is associated by what might be called ESP? Is this Gifted Conceive or Kinship at work?

What level of connectiveness is man clever of if mere sub-atomic muons have such a avenue for communicating? Is this crucial an adequate amount of to care about and learn as was once done? Filament Assumption tells us that all be important is comprised of or built from 'one-dimensional vocal forces'. Is this the LOGOS printed about in the Bible (BBL in vowelless handwriting that all languages once were)? Is the tower of Babel (BBL like the Bible and Byblos) that my Phoenician Kelts put into myths as the Priest of Biblical Archaeology says is the case; when he says "The Bible is a Phoenician literary legacy"?

Does a person care to see and study these artifacts with me? Other reporters of mine have alike rocks they go so far as to call a Philosopher's Stone. One of them is a genetic researcher and the ancients in step to the interior designs of the animals they bred which I have verbal or printed about for those same four decades. Genetic comprehension transfers from anyone to anyone when the genes are approved in sex and procreation. This is on paper about by the esoteric schools of attention as fact for millennia. The Hobbit or Bonobos and so many other belongings are part of this - possibly? What do you think? Nah - I am just a nutcase.

Author of Diverse Druids
Columnist for The ES Press Magazine
Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries. com

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