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Using high elevation blimp cell phone consultation - discipline


By allowing high elevation Satellite Type Balloons or Blimps with Cell Phone type data lines we could have a tremendous derived back-up for communication. Also we could use this high height blimp to send out frequencies good for health, such as the Earth's frequency of 7. 89 Hz to help the human and brute kingdom biological immune system. In adding to this we know that Secrecy Aircraft when nomadic thru cell phone contacts field will show up as anomalies on a scope tuned to those frequencies used. We can use these anomalies to track enemy furtiveness aircraft surrounded by these anomalies in the field of communication. If you are a believer in UFOs, well you can track them too. So you can track UFOs, Craftiness or track ICBM from above to cover apposite quadrangulation to cut off with a kill projectile.

Currently micro satellite formations, AWACS and Spy Satellites are able to do this, but the contact back to Earth since they are so high is delayed a half a be with and that makes the data extraneous for a fast heartrending be against such as a missile on its way in. You know it is there but the data appearance in is late and will cause you to miss the aim if you anticipated to shoot it down. Clearly not a UFO, no one wants to piss off a more technological co-inhabitant of our planet. We are conversation about a human made ICBM shot at you with the intent to inflict high sufferers using WMD.

This hypothesis is accessible now and would certainly save billions in Cell Towers athwart the landscape. It is a win/win for the telecom industry, Inhabitant Confidence and Healthiness Care. Also of cite would be that the fewer satellites launched the develop for the Ozone Layer as well as cutback billions in added launches, which have high closure rates. It takes a lot of energy to leave the atmosphere; we can keep this energy by on the brink blimps up high and save the wear and tear from the solar radiation and solar flares.

A nonlinear attempt is basic to caring the flows of our cultivation while enhancing and civilizing the efficiencies of our flow communication, defense and healthiness care systems. Assassination many birds with one stone makes sense if we are to assess the budget, keep our electorate and carry on with the advance advancement of mankind. Think about it.

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