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America is inflowing into a time of Energy crisis. It could by far be the most disaster that human-kind is to face. America can not carry on to lead the world econimcally and drain it dry at the same time. The Countrywide Cloistered Clean Energy Initiative is working to unite American students and citizens alike, to challenge CLEAN ENERGY POLICY.

Kevin Gluckstal
720 Northern Blvd
Brookville NY 11487

The FED Chairman, Mr. Alan Greenspan was on
capitol hill in the semi-annual fiscal policy
meeting with congress. (also known as the Humphrey
Hawkins meeting)While Mr. Greenspan was commonly upbeat
about the cost-cutting (Note: I am not as up beat) he made
some very upsetting remarks.
Mr. Greenspan commented that the. . . "Long-term futures
for crude oil. . . going 10-years out. . . have risen
substantially in the last few years. . . and are being
sustained at these levels. . . "
Now. . . the bazaar is a discounting mechinism. Has the
futures bazaar begun to disregard PEAK OIL? I believe
the come back with is YES! In REAL DOLLARS, crude needs to get
over $100/brl to equal the peak of the 70's crunch.
It is exceptionally crucial that clean energy comes to
market NOW - being infront of this curveball will
determine our hope and the state of our economy.
What is just as disturbing is that I have not heard any
covering of this in the media.

I have faith in the most calamity that Human-Kind has ever
seen has begun. America, a land founded on the
basis of choice is under act of violence by unstoppable
inflating energy prices, and it has just begun. The
situation in the middle-east is increasing with no end
in sight, as relations with the OPEC countries has
begun to fall apart. Believing the promises of Saudi
Oil is not an option. With horrifying accounting
scandals of greed in our country. . . . who truly
believes that the OPEC countries will be frank with
us a propos the oil reserves; or everything else for
that matter?! It is communal data of the recent
events at Shell and their false statements of
reserves. It will not stop there I'm sure. While Saudi
Arabia has been pumping water to flush out oil from
their depleting bank account since the mid-late 90's . . .
more evils are developing. Americans are being told
to leave the middle-east. We all know that we need
those Americans in the OPEC countries in order for us
to in point of fact get the oil to American soil. Should
America, the main and most able country in the
world be relying so much on external energy?

From an Efficient point of view, RENEWABLE ENERGY, such
as wind and solar energy will be a long-term net
positive, not only for Long Islands' cost-cutting . . . for
the nations' belt-tightening exercise as well. Just as in the Aviation
industry many years ago, Long Island became the
National Cost-effective Chief and was looked upon with
great admiration. Long Island Thrived. It will take
two years to begin construction of the wind park off
Jones Beach. By that time, oil prices will be much
higher then where it is now interim as a devastating
tax on American Citizens. This is a once in a lifetime
opportunity must not be missed. It cleanly makes
dollars and sense.

The DOE predicts that the price of Crude Oil will
climb until about the year 2025 and then peak. If
true this means that Peak oil is now. Bring in has
already begun to decline as not one OPEC fatherland has
claimed new oil finds. Let us not not recall the two wild
cards; China and India. America is now at the mercy of
two countries increasing by leaps and bounds. We have no
control and it has only begun to achieve us all. In
terms of REAL dollars, to reach the alike price
of oil for the duration of the energy calamity of the 70's. Oil
would need to go to over $100 dollars a barrel. $40 is
simply a drop in the bucket.

Supply is going down - Call for is going up. This is the
current long-term location and it is not going away -
Wind Power will give Long Island Autonomy from the
volatile and raising energy prices ahead. It will give
stability to our offspring and our grandchildren. It
will give them a chance.
"?. I'm energetic my daughter to educate as we at all times do
and she bursted out singing the song she academic for
her pre-K graduation, "I'm Proud To Be an American. "
By the time she was in the plains of Minnesota and the
hills of Tennessee I was glad I had my sunglasses
on. . . . my eyes were flooded. This is not the same
world that we were born into. . . and I for one. . . am
scared for my children. "
On behalf of students athwart the kingdom who are
fighting for the future, on behalf of the National
Collegiate Clean Energy Initiative desire ADVOCATE and

The Citizen Autonomous Caucus began on Monday as
President Clinton gave his usual "Reagan-like" speech.
It has been exciting to snoop to all of the
members of the Egalitarian party give praise for John
Kerry as the next Head of the U. S. A. What has
been more attention-grabbing is listening to the united
conviction towards "clean energy," "energy
independence and energy sustain-ability. " In almost
every address that integrated policy, "clean energy" and
"energy independence" or easily a good "energy policy"
was numero uno.
The Thrilling Power Examination Institute estimates that
power outages and power condition fighting cost
businesses in the U. S. more than $120 billion a year.
This goes hand and hand as the infrastructure is older
than my grandfather.
In the New Advance Initiative Apollo Alliance for
Energy Autonomy plan, bio-fuels and energy
efficiency funds alone could be the source of over one
million jobs by 2015.

Tonight, John Edwards will speak to the country. Will
"clean energy" and "energy independence" be on his

Every time Leader Clinton spoke of the expectations of
jobs, the first commerce on the list was the "clean
energy" industry.
Now . . . by no means do I anticipate the republican
convention to be any different. Do you?
Stay tuned for a accomplish breakdown of the NATIONAL
Clean Energy policy. . . or lack there of.

Energy ESP Newsletter #4 7-30-04
Crude oil is now at $43 per barrel feat new highs.
Or Are they. Lets not not recall that about $114 is the
actually peak of the Yom-Kippour War. My how short the
human remembrance could be. John Kerry gave an emotional
speech full of great rhetoric. In the last ESP I was
waiting to pay attention for ENERGY information. What will he
do? When will he do it? When time came to talk policy,
he said he was going "say a little FDR couldn't do at
his speech,. . . goto JohnKerry. com" So JohnKerry. com it
is. . .

What did we find? ". . . Investing in forthcoming technology,
today. . . " Fuel Cell vehicles were mentioned. Clean
Energy efficiencies. . . " yadadad. . . Nil truly in
depth as I had hoped for. I jog your memory you,reader, that
this is a NON-PARTISAN attempt to advocate for CLEAN
ENERGY. With that said. . . why do you goto JohnKerry. com
then goto Georgebush. com and see if there is a button
on their site called "Energy. " When you find it. . . read
and compare. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

So needless to say I was a barely let down at the
level of consequence that Clean Energy and Renewable
Energy was given. THAT, my fellow advocates. . . is why
there is now the General Cloistered CLEAN ENERGY
Soon. . . very soon, a colossal email battle will begin.
It will go to many scholar organizations about the
country. But until than, much work needs to be done.

There is a lot of talk as of late about something
called "clean-coal. " Kerry promises 20% of the
countries electricity via renewable energy sources
proposing "clean-coal. " Is there such a thing? YES!
A circle by the name of Headwaters Inc. (HDWR on the
NASDAQ) based in South Jordan Utah, Headwaters seems
to be foremost the way in creating a "clean-coal"
environment. By means of it's subsidiary Coval Fuels, a
coal based artificial fuel is free that is "safe,
odorless and easy to handle. They do not increase
HAPs, VOCs, Sox or Nox emissions and do not fall under
any perilous background regulations. "
For more info click the next link:
http://www. hdwtrs. com/envbenefits/covolfuels. html

Attorney Generals from eight states as well as New
York, Iowa and California file charge last month
against utilities as well as Cinergy Corp. , Xcel
Energy, and Southern Business just to name a few, for
dumping a stagering 10% of the countries emitted
greenhouse gases. The distrust is simple. Did they
know what they were doing? Did they know these gases
were dangerous to people? Did they care? According to the grapevine they
are not being fined for everything from the past. They
are austerely being asked to cut destructive emissions.
Is that enough? Shouldn't there be some kind of
accountability? Why. . . bear in mind when the EPA was first
formed. We knew then that talons killed.

Global Warming said to be dependable for an
ecological calamity as the coastal waters of
Scotland warm. Scores of skuas, terns and guillemots
(all birds) are not breeding. The small fish they eat
is heartrending nearer to colder waters, hence there is not
enough food. "Just a example of what lies ahead," -
Tony Juniper of the Associates of the Earth.

ENERGY ESP #6 8/10/05
Fed raises Disbelieve rate 1/4%. . . why not. . .
Crude now at $44. 5. . . and the charts spell "higher" -
plan and clear. Commodity prices have stabilized in
the past months. . . - only a exchange break in my
view. Lets not forget. . . we've entered into a SECULAR

Yukos up in the air! The books frozen one minute. . . not
frozen the next. Which is it going to be Mr. Putin?
I'm sure he doesn't mind the price of crude going
higher. . . Mr. Putin figures. . . Russia has more oil
then citizens think. . . if you add in all that
wilderness over there and lets not disregard about
Putins' attempts to tap into the aptitude oil under
those frozen (or not so frozen anymore) ice-caps. So
when crude is at $100/brl they will have some amazing
crude finds. . . I'm sure. It would be nice. . . since
there hasn't been any oil cache finds in how
long. . . ?

Can any person find any oil from Iraq yet. . . not me. . .
they keep having to shut-down plants. . . you know. . .
that terrorism thing.

Lets talk about ETHANOL - How much money could the
farmers make if the farmers could farm ethanol? How
about revolving all that High Fructose Corn Syrup into
Ethanol instead??? Do you know the be in the region of person
consumes 63lbs of HFC per year. Oh we're fat alright!
Allocation of resources. . . Allocate more farmed corn
to bring into being Ethanol. . . in its place of HFC. Think Coke will
go for that?

When ever NCCEI hears about an ENVIRONMENTALLY
friendly band we will do our best to allot the
word. . .

New Belgium Brewing Company, from Ft. Collins CO. is
the first American Brewery to be powered by 100% WIND
Energy. New Belgium is also proud of it's recycling
efforts. The best part is. . . this is an member of staff owned
company. The employees voted to forgive some of their
profit distribution plan (options) in order to make this
happen. WAY TO GO!!!! And guess what. . . profits are
The circle is fast advertise share as Beer drinkers
are paying attention. This is a achieve case in point of the
long term cost-effective remuneration to using a 100% renewable
energy source. Don't let me disregard the energy company
supplying the power - VESTAS.
VESTAS Wind Systems A/S - This Denmark based global
leader in Wind age band sure is building a name for
it's self. Keep up the good work!!

I am a 31 yr old adult full-time learner and free member of the clergy of two. Passionate about the Energy location in the world I am an Energy Economist. I was in the Navy for 4 yrs and in the finance business for 7. Creating the Inhabitant Cloistered Clean Energy Initiative is by far the maximum challenge I could undertake. The NCCEI is functioning to UNITE students crossways America and advocating for CLEAN ENERGY POLICY. Choose visit WWW. NCCEIUSA. ORG.


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