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A tuned bio-field and a new characterization of consciousness: part 2 - knowledge


Love, pure Love, is the ambiance one has when they are appreciating the deep beauty of a little in their life i. e. a landscape, a pet, a lover, a friend, themselves etc. It is a affection that emerges from the Core Self and is linked with other Class 1 Emotions scheduled above. Allow manually to tap into this air for a moment.

Now that you have rekindled the core emotion of Love, announcement how it feels in your body. You might note that it makes you feel warm, lighter, more relaxed, more contented, more at peace, more buoyant, and more expansive, to name a few. You may announcement that as you hold this association to the core emotion of Love it may begin to broaden during your body, even beyond. In other words you may feel it, or yourself, since the air also feels like you, escalating afar your bodily body. This is a delicate awareness of physically and the air of Love as an going up field of energy. Some associates call this character or soul. I refer to it here as Divine Self or the Divine Holographic Energy Field.

You will accept that, when fully engaged, your Divine Holographic Energy Field (DHEF) makes, you feel energized, clear, focused, relaxed, alert, at peace, joyful, wise, contented, rejuvenated, healthy, etc. In other words it reduces any clear stress you may be ambiance in the flash and has the capability to enhance your complete well being. This may be one of the reasons, among others, why associates with pets or a loving bond live longer than those without.

The term "holographic" here refers to the fact that this field has embedded in it in rank at every level that co-ordinates mind/body functions in an optimal manner. So it is initial to arrive that a) Love is a curing force that we be subjected to as an energy field and b) we can tune into the "Love Field" or DHEF if we wish to enhance its appearance on our lives.

Now what do we mean by "tune into"? Well to construct the main level of loving feelings (to sustain the optimal DHEF as our much loved bio-field state) towards others our ecosystem and ourselves.

What sorts of equipment block us from experiencing the optimal DHEF as our bio-field? Well, all conditioned emotions, along with their linked beliefs, perceptions, behaviors and memories adversely assume the optimal DHEF state. For exemplar the remembrance of a futile bond undermines the core emotion of Love by assembly one caution or fear it. This conditioning is embedded in the bio-field as energy irregularities or blocks which then apparent at the animal level as illness.

Unlike other energy therapies, a new and shows potential modality called the Mind Hint Process? (MRP), addresses conditioning due to disturbance at the level of the Brain wave Field. MRP is a cognitive approach which allows one to bring into awareness contradictory pieces of in rank about a conditioned destructive emotion, belief, perception, conduct or reminiscence which have been compartmentalized and kept separate. This in a row takes two forms a) beliefs about the drive of the negativity's attendance in the bio-field and b) the definite mental/emotional/physical be subjected to connected with having the disapproval in the bio-field.

The client is made aware of the home contradiction amid these two and taken all the way through a course of action of formative for them, which most resonates openly with their "inner wisdom". By aligning themselves with their own "inner wisdom", which is felt to emerge from the position of their Core Self, they are able to make athletic intentional statements requesting that whatever thing not aligned with this inner wisdom be purged from their bio-field. A more accomplish depiction of MRP is free in: Arrizza, N. , "A Communal Recollection Case Study: The Mind Hint Process? and Corroborate for Non-Local Consciousness, Intercontinental Journal of Curative and Caring, January 2005, 4:1.

These early case studies with MRP have recommended that damaging conditioning plays a very important role in disorderly and de-tuning the bio-field from the optimal DHEF Additionally, MRP suggests that one person's disrupted bio-field affects and can even entrain another's bio-field into a disrupted state.

The conflicting is also true, MRP appears to concurrently re-tune a disrupted bio-field state collective by a group of persons while operational with only one being in the group. A clear sign of how we are connected. By so doing, a large total of useless vital life energy seems to benefit to the group field i. e all starts to feel rejuvenated. It is hypothesized that such dealings can assist such groups in achieving a co-operative state of resonance, which can auxiliary promote the re-tuning of bigger collective energy fields. Such studies are presently being planned.

Individuals experiencing MRP firstly circulate the energy blocks at the Belief Field level. This appears to be followed by a re-infusion of vital life energy that appears to drop to other levels of the bio-field spontaneously. This domino effect in rapid and spontaneous healing. This wires the hypothesis of a DHEF that is ever acquaint with and attempting to assist the complete being in a actual way. Abstractly then we have reached a point here where we can conjecture that "restoring" the optimal DHEF is what is compulsory to facilitate the accepted curing process.

To illustrate the blow on the DHEF of conditioned destructive experiences I often use the visual analogy of a stone frightened into a still pond to be a symbol of it 2 Dimensions. Not including denial belongings acquaint with the small rock sets up a conventional and ever acquaint with circular wave that travels outwards in charming numerical form. This is abstractly analogous to the individually qualified energy field of Love emerging and escalating from the Core Self. The field, in our model, cadaver composed only if we begin to have an infinitely large pond and no loss of energy due to gravity or friction at the molecular level. This is correspondent to a bio-field optimally tuned to the DHEF and in which no energy is drained or tired from the system.

Now let us add back gravity, intermolecular army and believe a dramatic shift in the become rough with high winds and rain. The perfect beauty of the fundamental wave gets so distorted and its energy exhausted that we can no longer acknowledge it. Given an adequate amount time we lose an capacity to make it out entirely. This is comparable to the bio-field attractive de-tuned from the DHEF, down its energy, its faultless form and being overtaken by a chaotic, disorganizing field of energy and information. How does this feel? Well it feels like stress.

At this point I would like to offer a new clarity of consciousness that departs from the mind/brain-centered characterization we have been so used to. I would like to insinuate that we refer to consciousness as in place of the state of tuning of the human bio-field. According to this definition, a "conscious" creature is one whose bio-field is optimally tuned or in echo with the DHEF and in which she experiences an free-for-all Love field agreement her total being.

Alternately, being "unconscious" here implies having discordant field property meddlesome in on the bio-field in so doing foremost to a sub-optimal tuning or hint with the DHEF. This is felt as an incursion of conditioned emotions into the mind/body and as a detachment from the Love Field thus contributing to energy distortion, lessening and stress.

Employing this new characterization of "consciousness" we can then say that healthiness is a state of being "conscious" and illness is a state of being "unconscious". The ask becomes then; can any of us ever befit truly "conscious" that is embraced by the Love Field entirely? Additionally what capability resides with admiration to medicinal our bodies if we could complete such a state?

In my work I have noticed that as persons appearance major re-tuning of their bio-fields with MRP, they not only start to feel healthier, they also start to feel and look younger. Additionally they develop into aware that this "new state" not only feels good, it feels strangely familiar. Approximately all those come into contact with this as their Core Self. Many also acknowledge that the conditioned emotions of damage have cheated them of this come into contact with of themselves their full lives. Once in this decidedly tuned state, all folks accept that the conditioned emotions are an unwelcome cover to the human be subjected to and not what it means to be human at all. In other words they do a advanced awareness and encounter of what it truly means to be a human being.

Others have also noted that this is what they bear in mind an come across of their Spiritual Self. In other words, they do an encounter of their Spiritual Self while alive and in their bodies. This seems to argue against the notion that one needs to leave the body (i. e. by means of cosmological travel, out of body experiences, near death experiences and death itself) in order to have an encounter of the Spiritual Self.

In concluding I wish to adopt one issue that I feel is crucial in optimally tuning our bio-field to the DHEF. This has to do with the Admiration with which we hold ourselves. Some associates call this self-esteem. For pragmatic reasons, which will be converted into clear, I favor the expression "Esteem for the Self". Putting it this way makes one feel that one is more able to do amazing about it. It is, I feel, only by development total and accomplish "Esteem for the Self" that one can optimally tune the bio-field to the DHEF.

One feature that, in my estimation, has impaired our capability to entirely admire ourselves is the belief that our bodies are just vessels before you to be discarded. When we elect to deem this we consequentially cheapen part of who we are. The best outcome are energy blockages, illness and death.

Descartes introduced the mind-body dichotomy more than a few hundred years ago and it's only now that we're creation to work our way out of that trap. I would like to bring to mind that we also ask the body-spirit dichotomy that some of us now embrace. A bit that is bodily also derives from energy. I don't know the bodily characteristics of the body is only a manifestation of the chaos that exists in the bio-field at this time in human history.

After all doesn't the ambiance of Love make one exactly feel "lighter" (as in enlightened) and more carefree (as in less animal and more spiritual)? What would come about to the corporal character of the body were we as a species to truly love our bodies? I would like to bring to mind that it would not only make us improved but also begin the course of action of transforming bodily be important (frozen light) into energy (pure light). In bring about I am signifying that tuning the human bio-field to the DHEF or the "Love Field" is the road to Spiritual Enlightenment. I would like to advocate that the prophets had it right, Love is the counter to all things.

Copyright© 2005 Arrizza Accomplishment Lessons Inc. , All Civil rights Reserved

Nick Arrizza M. D. is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer, Researcher, Speaker, Developer of the athletic Mind Hint Process(TM), and Dramatist of e-book: "Esteem for the Self: A Blue-collar for Individual Transformation" which is accessible for download on his web site at: http://www. telecoaching4u. com/ebook. htm Dr. Arrizza holds ongoing Worldwide Car phone Curing and Teleconference Sessions on topics linking to Curative and Spirituality.


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