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Creation a lightening storm? - knowledge


Here is a very basic conception idea/plan to garner energy from Lightening. It is done in an fake chamber, simulating coarsen in the atmosphere, but under exact and illicit circumstances; still in the incubation-thinking phase. It has incredible added promise for all kinds of applications. I call it; AWCS- Assignment False Climate Be in charge of Simulator.

We are conducting this development to explore the promise of come through check to endow with water to dearth areas of our Earth where human inhabitants needs extra and club year round fresh water supplies. In accumulation to this we are looking into collecting the energy generated by Cumuli Circle of light Cloud formations, which churn out lightning. Heat in the chamber is made by assault of two laser beams. If this works it can be cyber- in the character for become rough control. Finally energy assembly too. We also see the forces applications. We will use a Particle Laser Beam, which will cross with an added Particle Beam or High frequency Laser or Compound laser. Lightning Rods purposefully located will amass energy. And we will have an Avoidance Door for rapid Barometric Bulldoze alter Cumuli Circle of light Cloud. We barrage the first particle beam with a new beam and thus creating heat in a chamber set with the appropriate and most expected barometric bulldoze for thunderclouds to form. We then allow these clouds to form and make lightening.

The lightening is attracted to the lightening rods, which have the aspect accuse necessary. This provides continual electricity. Trap door is set with vents to constantly check the barometric bulldoze and allow for an avoid of the coordination by dumping air to flow in or out to adapt the state of affairs at some point in tests. We have also devised a Hamster wheel type devise where the beams are sent in at an angle from among two or three in run wheels with reflectors on them which send the light diagonally the diameter of the wheels where they again are reflected to the core and other side and so on, until they heat up. This coordination is determined by the electricity consequential from the lightening, this would in fact be a perpetual action automaton and the wheel would keep revolving due to the heat it makes difficult to break and the administration that the mirror reflectors were inclined to chew on the beams back into themselves. Air would come into the chamber and be sucked in by the rotary wheels and form heat and mixed with very diminutive mist would be the source of the clouds. The intact approach would be about the size of two barns at a average ranch house.

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