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Tunneling concepts for complex conflict - discipline


I have in mind examination be done to make unmanned tunneling apparatus to help in warfare. Today more than ever we see the evils with urban warfare. We have industrial great techniques such as aerial unmanned vehicles, computerized mechanisms, plans which see in the dark, by means of buildings and about corners. We have listening devices, scanners, helicopters and exceptional tactics instruction with the help of virtual reality, mock buildings and pop-up back guys like an far ahead video game on in a apply city block.

We are fighting urban contest house-by-house and room-by-room. We are often met by insurgents, who will hide and wait for our advances or they will booby trap buildings and plant above argument pavement bombs along our logistical paths.

This is why I have in mind by a long shot deployable unmanned tunneling machines, which can go into the battlespace, unnoticed and underground where they are not suspected. Pop up into a room or construction or at the back of a wall and take care of business. These units can be deployed and help save and rescue captured hostages, which await execution by beheading. We have better tunneling devices, which are used to make roads, build rail tunnels, overflow ditches or make way for pipes, cables or cell phone lines. A scaled down account of this with a very brawny tunneling tool attachment might give us the edge we need and the bit of astonish as the enemy is in the family way a helicopter, UAV, SWAT team exclusive army advance or average tactic.

A tunneling appliance could show up unexpectedly in the enemies back yard, throw out a small explosive appliance or a non-lethal stun mace into a room or near a wall and then send a gesticulate of coast is clear to the good guys. Great for detainee situations or rescue as well. Many uses indeed.

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