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Bio-rhythm disruption frequency identifier for human intentions - knowledge


It appears we have found many identifiers for Bio-Metrics to ascertain people. In this new age of Worldwide Terrorism with bad guys difficult to get Pilot's Licenses, HazMat Driver's Licenses, get onto airlines, step onto buses and sneak over our limits we need a fool proof system. At present we use fingerprints to classify criminals and those who hold critical positions. Some of the newest forms of guarantee add in retina scans, voice prints, palms, DNA, Entrenched RFID Chips, etc. We have devices, which can see thru trucks, pick up the scent of bio-weapons that use heat to pick-up against the law human trafficking exclusive vehicles. We need sensors to pick up human intent. Lying plans tell us when a big cheese is exuding thru facial sweat glands, but what about a character who is not close to the device? Contained by a vehicle, in a crowd or approaching a delicate check point. Far ahead alert could be the differentiation amid life and death.

For defense of martial positions we use radars, sonar, heat signatures to categorize people. Body heat joint with night eyesight is almost hopeless to fool as helicopter mounted campaign can see thru fences to catch escaping criminals. Distinctive Air force also use such campaign to discover and eliminate threats. Delve into now is being done to discover colonize by odor, the Vietnamese often could distinguish Americans as their sweat glands exuded a atypical scent which gave them away. Most of the flourishing LRRPs were cautious to eat the native foods to not give themselves away.

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The human plume of odor is amply detectable and we are figuring out ways to use this to associate approaching human threat.

One way that is not talked about a sufficient amount is the electromagnetic signatures given off by people. Every human body has a set of biorhythms. The nerves use electrical signaling, the pulse and heart rate are also very considerable and inimitable to human beings. Even the brain waves are detectable thru the waves, which are sent out. The skull acts as an aerial and with cautious fine-tuning and calibration we can distinguish these waves. It appears that animals can sense these as human approximate them. We are now able to build devices, which can become aware of close changes in brain waves from afar. Such detection could help us classify a big shot in a crowd with evil opinion and a sense of call to accomplishment to avoid a flare up of violence. Guards could be alerted that intruders are approaching and have high heart rates and depressing intentions. This could be good for Border Confidence or edge be in charge of or fighting in Fallujah, while incoming an area where an surprise attack could occur. They say that the veteran veterans of war and those of the soldier of affluence mindset have a sixth sense about this. Do they? Or are they in tune to slightest anomalies in approaching brain waves? Well? There are a sufficient amount real world war stories that there has to be more to this.

The brain waves of humans work at frequencies of 20 Hz at some stage in an frantic and hyper state of aptitude combat. Those who are approaching a competence will be at such a state and their bio-systems and bio-rhythms will give them away. For command all through the 9-11 episode in the parking build up one of the Intercontinental Terrorists was so hyper aware and stressed that he cussed out and yelled at a big shot in the parking lot who was about to take the parking spot he wanted. It is quite evident that such a stress on the bio-system almost certainly went with himself and the team all the way thru the airport, onto the plane, in the getaway and right into the World Trade Towers. If a big name had such a state of mind, hyper bio-rhythms, they would be flagged to be added scrutinized, conceivably there is a new explanation? Conceivably there is not? Such a approach might have closed the 9-11 hijackers?

Could Bus Stops have such sensors inside their conceive to alert the driver to bypass the stop and not pick up the passengers that time around? In Israel it would be a good idea and check radical suicide attacks. In the US it might check troubles on our buses as well. In the case of a hard shoulder check point the car might be flagged as it approached the crossing point to a break and more assured area for a advance look with a bigger grade of caution? Could such plans help at our Mexican and Canadian Boundaries as well? Absolutely it could.

We accept as true advance examine in the taxing dislodgment in the bio-rhythms of criminals, Worldwide Terrorists, Drug Runners, Coyotes, Smugglers, insurgents and attackers could be compact considerably using such methodology.

The contraption would focus energy waves at a appliance athwart the road or foyer of an airport. Any waves near the spectrums of bio-rhythms of the human body's bio-system would be recorded by their quantity of disruption of the peripatetic wave. Waves such as not public cell phones, cpu PDAs, Heart Pace Makers, car stereos, car radar detectors, spark plug resonance, friction sound waves from shrill brakes would not be everywhere near the bio-rhythm waves and would be deleted from the signature of the approaching car or airline client approaching the metal detector machine.

I advise a study of 1000 colonize of assorted ethnic persuasions to test and to put these test subjects all the way through a range of demanding situations and best their biorhythm disruptions on a beam of energy. In our study we will also allow for disruptions of a choice of hand held campaign such as MP3 Players, Sony Walkmans, radios, pace makers, etc. to see if we can accurately catch sight of the emotional dislocation of the character human at the crossing point all through large databases of achievable combinations inside the realms of capability non-threatening biorhythms. In due course we will prove we can forestall an act of violence and pull out a large percentage of aptitude culprits in build up of a horrific event.

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