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51 easy, eco-friendly ways you can help sustain earth earth - art


1. Air dry your laundry.

2. Ask your benefit companies for an energy audit.

3. Avoid clothing fashioned in sweat shops about the world. Women and family deserve fair labor practices.

4. Avoid down and spike products, if allergies are a problem. Interchange with organic fiber batting or organic wool.

5. Avoid stimulating bug zappers.

6. Avoid laundry detergent with phosphates.

7. Avoid plastics in your home.

8. Avoid capon and meats from animals raised on hormones and steroids.

9. Avoid crop from farms that apply atrocious behavior of associates and animals.

10. Avoid food weathered on animals.

11. Buy locally grown or organic food.

12. Buy organic bedding.

13. Buy organic coffees and teas with the Fair Trade label.

14. Buy organic cord underwear.

15. Buy organic grains, pastas, herbs, and basic products, in bulk.

16. Buy recycled and ecological toiler paper.

17. Buy recycled gift wrap.

18. Droppings yard garbage and food scraps.

19. Be concerned about bountiful home-based gifts.

20. Decline drinking straws in the restaurant.

21. Diaper Baby in soft organic cottons.

22. Don't buy a better home than you need.

23. Don't buy a agree with home.

24. Don't buy big cars.

25. Don't buy each in the breed a car. Teach sharing.

26. Donate to your choice environmental organization.

27. Donate unused clothing and furniture.

28. Eat meatless at least twice a week.

29. Eat more farm stand or organic vegetables and fruits every day.

30. Patch exclusive of chemicals and pesticides.

31. Grow your own organic herbs.

32. Hand-wash clothing as a replacement for of dry cleaning.

33. Bed in and use ceiling fans.

34. Lower thermostat in your home to 68 degrees, and 55 degrees when away from home.

35. Lower thermostat on your water space heater to 120 degrees.

36. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

37. Bring down disposable crop in your home.

38. Cut watering of your yard and garden.

39. Get working again faucet leaks.

40. Exchange glowing bulbs with energy able lighting.

41. Sew with organic cord and biological fabrics.

42. Shorten shower time by 25%.

43. Assist environmental legislation. Nag your congressman.

44. Aid Fair Trade practices to condense large-scale poverty and hunger.

45. Assistance your local farmers promote or co-op.

46. Use cloth napkins, or recycled paper napkins.

47. Use organic and herbal soaps, shampoos, and artless cleaning products.

48. Use community transport, or carpool to work, at least once per week.

49. Use recycled paper for copy and printing.

50. Use washable brown mugs.

51. Walk or bicycle. Leave the car in the garage for awhile.

Susan Fullen-Yurek is an e-commerce industrialist and owner of Kushtush. com Organics, featuring organic bedclothes and organic filament goods for home and family, with consumer in rank on the remuneration of "going organic". http://www. kushtush. com.

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